Yoga For Flat Abs

flat abs

It’s a quick yoga workout for abs that you can do at home or anywhere else in just a few minutes. You can do these workouts every day to strengthen your core. You can do these before or after another yoga practice or workout. Do these consistently on a regular basis to add strength and size to your abdominal muscles.

  1. The Rotation Yoga
A man holding his hands up

To begin, sit in a crossed-legged position and bring your palms to the knees. Now inhale and move your upper body in a circle. Keep your chest forward and then go backward while circling, bring your chest in, and bring your chin to the chest. Draw the circle as you come forward. 

Keep this going, move your breath, and see if you can bring your awareness to the space between your navel, your spine, and to your abdominals. Imagine this movement coming from the center, from navel to spine, and do this movement in the opposite rotation cycle as well. This Yoga workout is also good for your digestive tract.

2.Waist Extension Yoga Workout

Lay a towel, blanket, or yoga mat on the ground, lay down on top of it. Keep the soles of your feet on top of whatever you’re laying on.

Now, scoop the tailbone up, laying from the tailbone, down towards the heels. In simple words, tuck your pelvis so that your lower back becomes flush with the mat. 

3.Meeting Opposite Leg And Elbow

Once you become comfortable with this movement, interlace your fingertips and bring the palms behind your head. You can keep the thumbs extended if you wish to and can even do a little neck massage by pressing your thumbs into the neck.

Keep the elbows nice and wide and start performing the same movement again.

Starting from how you were laying on the yoga mat, lift the shin on an exhale.

Lift the head up, you don’t need to lift it to the extreme, even a small lift is more than enough. Straight one leg while still keeping both legs up and bring your opposite elbow towards the other knee.

Stay in this position for a few seconds and breathe in and out. After that do the same with the opposite leg and elbow while still holding your neck with both palms.

4.One Leg And Arm Movement

This is almost the same as the previous one, the only difference here is that you need to move one arm towards the opposite leg instead of the elbow. This time straighten the leg of the same side which arm you’ve extended. 

Once you reach close to the opposite knee, Wiggle the fingertips for a few seconds. After that, go back to the initial position and then perform the same yoga workout with the opposite arm.


These yoga workouts are really useful to help you get a flat abdominal and build core strength and these are easy to follow and require nothing other than a mat or towel so you can lay to lay on. Let us know what you think about these yoga workouts.

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