Yoga and Body Scan Meditation

body scan meditation

The body scan is perhaps one of the simplest ways to get started on a mindfulness meditation practice. The main goal is to just tune into your body to reconnect with your bodily self and just notice any feelings that you re sensing without judgment. Since this is done primarily with your breathing, it is said that we are constantly bombarded by messages from our sensory systems. You can just tune into these messages in order to release any tension that you may be carrying around. Just the simple act of being able to stop and observe our bodies while doing something as simple as breathing can help us focus better. It will also help us become more aware of how our breath is affected and can help us refocus on how to be more mindful of all that we experience in life.

Various Methods

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There are many ways that we can practice body scan meditation. These can include taking a quiet, well-lit room, dim the lights, play some gentle music, close your eyes, and just focus on your breathing. This is a good way to start any meditation, but if you find that this is too difficult, or you do not feel comfortable with this, there are other types of meditations that we can use. These meditations tend to be more guided, and there are hundreds of different kinds of guided meditations. Most people find that guided meditations are best for them, and even if they are not a fan of meditations in general, body scan meditation is a type of meditation that can be practiced anywhere.

Release Feelings Of Pain

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The body scan in this way helps us to release feelings of pain and discomfort, and helps to shift our awareness to the sensations that are around us, rather than focusing on our thoughts about them. It is also very helpful when there is emotional or physical stress, because it can distract us from feeling the tension in our muscles and joints. The scanning process can help to lessen any pain or discomfort that we may be experiencing, because it will allow us to see where the stress is located. The stress can then be released from these sensations, and this will allow us to continue to live a more normal life, free of any amount of discomfort or pain.

During a body scan meditation, we focus on the sensations that are all around us. For example, when we are aware of our hands and the sensation of touch, we focus on this sensation. When we notice the sensation of biting the skin, we focus on this sensation. When we notice the feeling of discomfort in one part of our body, we can notice it and move through it until we are able to move through it as fully as possible. Once we have made it through all of the sensations, we return to the beginning, and this time we are aware of everything that was going on.

Reducing Stress

While it is definitely possible to practice any type of body scan meditation for reducing stress, it is best to start with something fairly simple like a body scan for anxiety. You might find that the very first time you do this, you will immediately feel a reduction in your overall tension levels. It may not happen at once, but over time it will. This is because your body will become used to being in a constant state of alertness. The more often you do this, the less your body will tense up, which means that your anxiety symptoms will also start to subside.

Bottom Line

With regular practice, you can find that you can use body scan meditation to achieve greater relaxation and improved mental health. You can do the practice anywhere, whether it is on the couch, bed, or in your car. By taking this simple step, you will be taking the first steps toward improving your overall health. You will also discover that the great feeling of peace and relaxation that yoga provides will help you make your day more pleasant and help you cope with life’s little challenges.

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