Walking Meditation – An Easy Way To Improve Your Quality Of Life

walking meditation

Walking meditation is an important practice in several types of Buddhism which involve long periods of sit-standing meditation and frequent movement. The word ‘walking meditation’ actually derives from the Buddhist term ‘visit’. Visiting the Lord Buddha is an essential activity to be done by all Buddhists, but this need not mean physical make-up walk just a few steps from the home or office. Instead, it can be considered more like meditating at a holy temple. It involves very intense concentration on the present moment, which can lead to inner calm.

In fact, walking meditation may have the same benefits as doing full sit-standing meditation, as it can help to develop awareness and alertness. It may also promote healing in the mind by focusing the mind inward. A good walking meditation starts with a period of relaxation and then leads into mindful walking meditation.

Use Of Guided Imagery

A tree in a forest

Guided imagery is often used to assist with the process of mindful walking meditation, such as imagining the body of the Lord sitting in various poses, or walking through meditation ponds or mountains. Other images, sound, smells, feelings and emotions can be introduced as well. As the exercise progresses, images, sounds and smells will become more common and the journey can lead to deeper levels of relaxation.

Spiritual Development Of The Mind, Body And Spirit

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Like sitting meditation, walking meditation can also lead to the spiritual development of the mind, body and spirit. But walking meditation has some additional advantages, as well. First, because walking is a natural exercise, it is a lot easier on the joints and muscles than sitting meditation or other sitting techniques. This makes walking meditation a great way to get started with developing meditation practice.

By walking meditation, one can develop a daily routine of mindful walking that helps to build awareness and maintain wellness in the physical realm as well. Regular walking can increase the range of one’s senses, as well, which can lead to improved overall well being. It can also lead to decreased stress levels, which can have a positive effect on a person’s mental health.

Walking Meditation

Achieving walking meditation requires learning to become aware of your feet, legs, knees, hips, back, eyes, and all of the sensations that you are feeling in each of these parts of your body. When you first become aware of your sensations you may experience a feeling of discomfort, like you are walking on sand or being pressed too hard.

This discomfort is actually a signal that your awareness is increasing. So, rather than feeling uncomfortable, you will begin to notice that your feet, legs, knees, hips, back and even eyes feel more relaxed and balanced.

Aware Of Every Body Sensation

To begin walking meditation, simply take a few moments to become aware of every sensation in your body. Think of your legs, making sure to pay attention to your ankle, knee, hip, knee, back and shoulders as you move your legs. Paying attention to your entire body will help to increase your awareness. This increased awareness will help you to realize when you are walking properly, when you are not walking properly and how to correct the problem. Paying attention to your body will help you to become aware and conscious of your actions and reactions.

When you are mindful walking, you will find that there is less stress. Stress is often caused by negative thoughts that creep into our minds while we are awake and working through our day. Being mindful and being aware of your thoughts will help you to become aware of any negative thoughts that you may have. You can learn to be more mindful in every part of your daily life.

Make Life Balanced

Developing mindfulness and walking meditation together can provide a great opportunity for getting more out of your day and experiencing a more balanced way of life. By developing greater awareness and mindfulness, you will notice that you are more able to experience the full benefits of walking.

Final Verdict

With greater mindfulness you will be able to walk comfortably, experience greater focus and attention, and find that you are more able to relax. In addition, you will find that your day to day stresses are less and you have more energy throughout the day. Finally, you will be able to live a more enjoyable and stress free life.

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