Top 50 Meditation Items: Meditate Wherever You Are 

Top 50 Meditation Items: Meditate Wherever You Are

Live life to the full by replacing negative thoughts and vibes with the positive. You deserve to be rid of anxiety and stress that won’t do any good in your journey towards self-trust and mindfulness. With our top 50 meditation items, you can easily turn on your meditative state of mind any time, anywhere. 

Top 50 Meditation Items: The Must-Haves

1. 2 Pieces Resin Buddha Figurine 

Top 50 Meditation Items: Meditate Wherever You Are

Looking for decor that will emulate your life of mindfulness and of serenity? Or if you’re not there yet, are you in search of figurines that will act as sources of inspiration as you train yourself to constantly be aware of being one with your mind and body?

This 2-piece resin buddha figurine is the item you need to give off an aura of peace and meditation. With four tones of gold, silver, beige, and while, you can choose which ones will match them of your surroundings the best. 

2. 2 Pcs Black Lava Stone Prayer Beads Bracelets 

How about bringing your mindfulness remembrance with you wherever you go? Sans the weight of a heavy figurine or bulky instruments like a meditation cymbal or drum, of course. Instead, there’s an accessory you can rely on for this. 

The 2 pcs black lava stone prayer beads bracelets. These unisex prayer beads aren’t for mere style, although they’re definitely a great addition to any type of apparel you want to wear for the day. But they’re a symbol of reflection. So that any time you suddenly feel like you’re out of your “zone”, cling to these beads and remember to meditate. 

3. 3 Pcs White Sage Bundles 

Aside from candles and incense, there are specific types of naturally dried bundles that you can light up and have its aroma burn throughout your room. We’re talking about the 3-pieces white sage bundles. 

First and foremost, its aroma is soothing and pleasant, it’ll keep your space smelling heavenly all day long. Secondly, sage bundles have long been believed to drive away negative energies and purify the atmosphere for a positive aura to reign. Something you’ll want to keep your mind off of negative feelings and thoughts. 

4. 5 Holes Incense Burner 

Incense, as an aroma, is a simple yet powerful tool to let your room have a scent that will freshen up every nook and cranny. On the other hand, it’s also a go-to for times of meditation, as specific kinds are infused with properties that keep you focused and relaxed. 

What better way to secure these sticks than with the 5 holes incense burner. It has a beautiful bronze-hued durable alloy finish. You can be sure of its sturdiness because it’s of a quality, solid make. And with a Chinese Zodiac-designed surface, it’s an opulent piece of decor to have indeed. 

5. 6-Inch Steel Drum Tongue 

Don’t you just love the way those steel drums in your meditation and yoga classes sound? They’re ironically calming yet energizing at the same time. Well, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to hear them. 

Because you can own this 6-inch steel drum tongue and be your own meditation guru as you set your me-times into ones that are focused on contemplation and the gentle ring of this celestial drum. 

6. 7 Chakra Healing Meditation Necklace


Top 50 Meditation Items: Meditate Wherever You Are

In need of that extra push to conquer your day victoriously? Do you often like you’re in a slump whenever worries and anxiety creep in? With the 9 chakra healing meditation necklace, your body and mind will be amazingly re-energized. 

This chakra healing meditation necklace has circular vortexes of energy. Seven, of course. Each chakra is colored differently from the others, as each one has a particular element that produces currently to stabilize energy in your body. 

7. 7 Chakra On Women Bracelets 

If not a necklace, a chakra bracelet will work the same way. And this isn’t you’re ordinary wristwear. Not only is it able to enliven your mind and body, but just look at the gorgeous kaleidoscopic stones that comprise this bangle! 

The 7 chakra on women bracelets has quality stones— Amethyst, Red Agate, Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Red Jasper, and Lapiz Lazuli. Its technicolored design allows it to be wearable no matter your outfit of the day. 

8. Astronaut Pendant Necklace 

An out-of-this-world accessory? We’ve got it right here for you. But look close. This astronaut is no basic pendant. Check out its position. It’s meditating! That’s right. Something as cool and rugged as this chain necklace mimics a meditative state. 

Say hello to the astronaut pendant necklace that ‘s beautifully crafted from stainless steel. More than its unique design, its material is impervious to rusting. Therefore, you can wear it in any weather, and repeatedly at that, without wearing out its shine. 

9. Backflow Tower Incense Burner

Another incense burner in this top 50 meditation items list, but this time, with an elegance and an allure you won’t find just anywhere. Have you ever heard of a backflow incense burner? You will now! And you’ll be awe-struck at this simple yet appealing decor. 

The backflow tower incense burner is a fountain of sorts. Just not a conventional one. It’s an incense stand that allows incense smoke to flow down the fountain itself, the way water does. Only, with this, you’ll be mesmerized by the way incense smoke will stream downward.

10. Antique Yoga Om Charm Metal Bracelet 

You’ve seen the Om symbol in many an accessory before. Most of the time, people don’t even know what it means. For a bit of a background on why this symbol is of importance in meditation and yoga, it’s because it signifies consciousness. True consciousness. 

And now, you can carry this symbol with you with the antique yoga om charm metal bracelet. The emblem is moulded in a pristine and precise fashion. Additionally, you can take your pick among a selection of differently colored beads according to your preference. 

Top 50 Meditation Items

11. Buddhist Copper Tibetan Bowl 

Top 50 Meditation Items: Meditate Wherever You Are

Guide your meditation practices with heavenly sounds to ease the atmosphere around you. This time, you won’t even have to set foot outside your home. As long as you have the Buddhist copper Tibetan bowl, you’ll be all set. 

Made for relaxation, meditation, and yoga, these Tibetan singing bowls emit ethereal tones that differ with the size of each bowl. Collect the set and conduct your own meditation class with your friends and family. 

12. Ceramic Mini Tower Incense Burner 

Alternate your favorite incense sticks with incense burners and add variety to the aromas that surround your home. Don’t let their size fool you! Small aromatic burners last as long as, if not longer, than standard-sized incense sticks. 

At the end of every day, reduce your stress by lighting these tiny towers up. But that’s not all. These ceramic mini tower incense burners have a backflow component. Hence, they don’t only smell good, but look pleasing as well, once smoke envelops their bases. 

13. Chakra Yoga Tapestry 

For #13, let’s get into home decor. You’ve already been trying to incorporate meditation as a part of your lifestyle. After all, mindfulness should be a constant in our daily living. How about integrating this newfound way of living in your home? 

Through a wall hanging that’s distinct in print and hues— chakra yoga tapestry. This Indian mandala tapestry isn’t only a symbol of mindfulness and meditation but is a beautiful piece to hang on your wall and revamp the appearance of any room. 

14. Classic Sri Yantra Pendant Necklace 

For accessories that mean more than style, a yantra necklace is one to include in your collection. You can bring this charm with you wherever you go, and have it help you center your energy throughout the day. 

This classic Sri yantra pendant necklace is handmade with traditional designs for an authentic appearance that truly captivates the eye. Choose among silver, bronze, copper, and black. Or collect them all. 

15. Chinese Meditation Balls 

You shouldn’t be hindered from attaining a state of peace and relaxation simply because you’re not in a meditative space, or in your yoga class. What you’ll need are tools to aid you in keeping your mind and body calm. 

And you can do this with these Chinese meditation balls. These rolling hand-therapy tools can improve blood circulation from your fingers, palm, arm, and shoulders. Aside from that, it’s excellent for exercising joints. 

Top 50 Meditation Items

16. Creative Incense Holder 

Incense is considered an aromatic meditation instrument in helping you set your nerves down and be prepared to begin your meditative journey. And you can set your go-to incense sticks on holders that will keep them upright all day. 

These creative incense holders have wonderful designs so that you can use them as decor in any part of your home. Not only are they functional, but they’re gorgeous pieces to set on tables, mantles, and counters. 

17. Crystal Stones For Jewelries And Decoration 

Many avid enthusiasts of meditation and its branches believe that meditation crystals exude a positive aura to anybody holding or wearing them. In this case, to anyone who’ll let it sit close to where he or she works the longest, such as office desks, and rooms in the home. 

You can increase the positive energy in your place of residence or in your workspace with these crystal stones for pieces of jewellery and decoration. Plus, they come in splendid colors that can easily blend with any room decor and theme. 

18. Four Arms Ganesha Figurine 

Ganesha is believed to be the Remover Of Obstacles and the beginning of all things new. To remind yourself that challenges are fleeting and that you can start new with your venture and succeed, a totem such as this is a must-have. 

The four arms Ganesha figurine is carved and engraved in detail, it’s a tabletop and centerpiece that will definitely strike conversations between you and your guests at home. Also, its ceramic make adds to its opulent overall appearance. 

19. Gemstone Pendants

For gemstones that aren’t for use as ornaments in your space but are accessories that you can take with you, these gemstone pendants are a treat to behold, and a treasure worth keeping. And in this case, wearing. 

Each pendant has its own unique features and shade that makes it stand out from the rest. Look up what their hues symbolize and you can give them away as meaningful presents to your loved ones.

20. Gold Laughing Buddha Statue 

The being who reached Enlightenment can bring that same enlightenment to you as you carry on his teachings by living them out and being reminded of them with this gold laughing buddha statue. 

Invite positive energy into your place of residence and live prosperously through a statue that’s meant to drive bad vibes out the windows and doors, and welcome only good aura in. 

Top 50 Meditation Items

21. Handmade Natural Stone Lotus Bracelet 

How about a feminine touch on your meditation accessories? This handmade natural stone lotus bracelet is an accessory that you’re not going to want to miss out on. With touches of light pink and coral swirling around each bead, it’s a piece unlike any other. 

At the same time, if you want a different shade, you can do that, too. Choose the hue you want and have a lotus bracelet that symbolizes fortune. Why not have a bit of that as you go through your day, right? 

22. Hanging Chakra Gemstones 

You can have your chakra energizers at the palm of your very hand. Rather, hung on any corner of any room you want it to vitalize. Since you’re already thinking about adding some color to your space, these are what you need. 

Here are the hanging chakra gemstones that you can hang on windows, walls, doors, you name it. According to chakra gurus, each stone exacts a specific kind of positive energy. And together, they’ll draw in an amazing aura in your room. 

23. Incense Burner 

As of recent, incense burners are all the rage. And they range in size, shape, and material-make. However, for this incense burner on our top 23, it’s not only a striking piece on its own. 

Its backflow allows for an otherworldly feel as it floats downward like a waterfall of soft wisps of smoke. A meditation incense burner that will help you ease your mind off anxiety and stress? You’re looking at it here. 

24. Inflatable Chair Cushion

Did you know that the way you sit down on your office chair can affect your mood, and thus influence how you feel? Perhaps the reason why you’re stressed most days is that your seat just isn’t ergonomic to your body? 

For this reason, this inflatable chair cushion will be your savior. Ease your shoulders, neck, and back with this cushion-supporter that will allow you to sit for hours without straining any part of your body. 

25. LED and OLED Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Meditation isn’t only about focusing on your inner self. It’s about taking care of your physical body as well. In order for you to do this with convenience, you can depend on the LED and OLED fingertip pulse oximeter. 

Monitor your pulse rate and body temperature for you to conveniently track your stress levels and stabilize them. Moreover, this small device is so handy, you can put it in your bag or pocket no-sweat. 

Top 50 Meditation Items

26. Meditation Painting Canvas 

A branch of having a meditative lifestyle has to do with letting your surroundings be a channel of mindfulness. You don’t have to go to the far fields or jungles of the outdoors to have a sense of illumination. 

A meditation painting canvas such as this marvelous piece will set the tone of your home into one that’s focused on conscious positivity. Produced with the use of waterproof in, it’s an authentic wall hanging that’s an eye-catcher from end to end. 

27. Meditation Yoga Straw Mat

Setting up a meditation zone in your home doesn’t need a top-to-bottom overhaul. What you’ll want is a comfortable spot to sit on as you practice your breathing techniques and quiet your soul. 

This, you can do with the meditation yoga straw mat. The beauty of this woven mat is that it will let you sit comfortably, even for long hours. What’s more, it’s a cushion you can use outdoors, too. 

28. Mini Tibetan Incense Burner 

There are various types of incense burners in the market today. Some of them are on this top 50 meditation items list. But we’ve got something that’s distinct in make and design because its roots are of a different culture. 

The mini Tibetan incense burner can diffuse aromas in an even manner because of its circular shape that spreads incense smoke in all directions. Additionally, many consider it to be a charm for good luck. 

29. Namaste Definition Poster 

People who are beginning to follow meditation and yoga teachings have come across the word “Namaste”. And we’re sure you have, too. Here’s a Namaste definition poster that has the actual meaning of the word for you to go back to it every time you see this when you wake up, or before you go to sleep. 

Plus, it’s high-definition printed, you can keep it for a long period of time and the letterings won’t quickly fade. Just as peace in your heart and mind shouldn’t fade away as well. 

30. Linen Futon Cushions 

Top 50 Meditation Items: Meditate Wherever You Are

Earlier, you’ve read about yoga straw mats. Now, we’ve got linen futon cushions that will serve the same purpose of cushioning your seat as you quietly settle on the floor and meditate. Let your quiet time be comfortable with these plush items. 

Most notably, they’re lining is of linen, they can withstand repeated usage and wear-and-tear. This also means that they can take any weight or pressure while keeping its plushness tight and of-so-soft. 

Top 50 Meditation Items: The List Goes On And On

31. Natural Sandalwood Buddhist Prayer Beads 

A traditional kind of prayer bead bracelet. Layer upon layer of natural sandalwood rows of a variety of colors. Tell us this isn’t a bracelet that’s the avid meditator’s choice? Either you take your pick of something block-tinted, or have one with 5 hues around the same band. 

To further this, it’s a casual-rugged accessory that will let any outfit look rad. And let’s not gloss over the fact that these prayer beads bracelets are naturally sourced, and are there environmentally-friendly! 

32. Removable Meditation Wallpaper 

Revamping your room to be more “zen” can be as effortless as sticking on stickers on the wall. We mean that quite literally with this removable meditation wallpaper. If you’re not decided on completely repainting your walls, or even covering it with permanent designs, this is an alternative you can set your heart on. 

Moreover, its simplistic design is a perfect fit for the minimalist lifestyle that decluttering and focusing your mind entails. And if you want to change this removable wallpaper after some time, you can, sweat-free!

33. Sandalwood Incense Sticks 

Sandalwood incense has been popularized today because it contains essences that aids in mood stability. Its aroma is able to promote serenity and thus, invoke calm in heightened emotions or in stressful situations. 

Having said that, here are our beloved sandalwood incense sticks that we’re sure you’ll find amazingly beneficial in keeping stress away. The plus factor is that it will leave your room smelling dazzlingly fragrant all day. 

34. Sandstone Buddha Statue 

We really can’t have enough of statues that personify Buddhism and its teachings of selflessness. What a way to live and relive this day in and day out that by looking at this sandstone buddha statue. 

With detailed designs that are finely crafted, it’s a masterpiece that’s both simple in meaning, yet luxurious in make. By the way, if you own an aquarium, this can be used as a decoration for that, too. 

35. Nepal Handmade Meditation Necklace 

High-quality Tibetan silver with authentic Tibetan emblems that adorn these accessories, these Nepal handmade meditation necklaces are a kind of their own. Distinct and crafted with an ethnic feel. 

For times when you want to set the mood and meditate, or simply want to go boho with your outfit using a necklace with an Earth tone, wear any of these Nepal necklaces. 

Top 50 Meditation Items

36. Obsidian Stone Beaded Bracelet 

There’s a lot of hullabaloo about faux bracelets that are out in the market, posing themselves as real. How about an actual obsidian piece that’s been tried and tested, and will definitely hold up against that claim?

This obsidian stone beaded bracelet is sourced from glass and resin materials that aren’t only a gorgeous blend but have a finish that’s posh in every bead. An instrument to attract positive vibes and luck, wear it whenever you can. 

37. Silk Religious Flags 

Flags for hanging on walls, from ceilings, and in cars (yes, some do this), give them meaning with these silk religious flags. During meditation and quiet times, be inspired with the inscriptions and prints on each one. 

To further this, their bright pigments are a great contrast against any room theme and works just as great when you hang them in your car’s back window.

38. Stainless Steel Aum Ring 

Bracelets and necklaces aside, rings are also a rad way to accessorize. That, and with a meaningful symbol, the “Om” or “Aum.” Check out this stainless steel Aum ring. 

It made our list because It has that rundown stainless steel finish that’s rugged, yet its designs are engraved with care, from its main-piece to its body. 

39. Tibetan Bowl Leather Stick Hammer 

For meditation drums, gongs, and singing bowls, the right kind of instrument is the only way for them to produce that heavenly sound with each note. Utilize an ordinary drumstick, or worse, any stick for that matter, and the clanging noise will be too screechy to the ears. 

Therefore, this Tibetan bowl leather stick hammer is the impeccable pair for meditation percussion. Its natural wood wrapped in padding is the ideal material to let the sounds of gongs and singing bowls resound with a pure tone. 

40. Starry Night Galaxy Decor Psychedelic Tapestry 

Top 50 Meditation Items: Meditate Wherever You Are

More meditation tapestry that your wall is missing— like this starry night galaxy decor psychedelic tapestry. Just look at the colors that blend well against the starry constellations in the background. 

To add, it’s an ideal gift to give your loved ones who are just as avid fans of meditation and yoga as you are. 

Top 50 Meditation Items

41. Tibetan Incense Sticks 

Save yourself trips from going back and forth in shops for incense sticks and have an assortment in your midst with these Tibetan incense sticks. With a variety in this selection, have fun choosing the fragrances you prefer. 

Even better, each pack is moisture-proof, you won’t have to be worried about shipping woes because these sticks will be dry and protected until they reach your door. 

42. Wallpaper Chakra Stickers 

If you only want small details added to your wall decor, then you can go the conservative way of using these wallpaper chakra stickers. Stick all of them on the same corner, or stick them separately from each other. 

It offers toll-free installation. Simply peel off the sticker back, set the sticker on the area you want it on, and smoothen it down to remove air bubbles. 

43. Waterfall Ceramic Incense Burner 

Add beauty to your home with this waterfall ceramic incense burner that’s a striking article indeed. Let the ambience of any room be elegant with an incense burner that’s ceramic and is painted beautifully. 

Addedly, its backflow is always something aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

44. Zen Garden Meditation Sand Set 

More than a sand set that’s alluring as decor in itself, this zen garden meditation sand set is meant for something more. When trying to rid your thoughts of crippling negative thoughts, caring for this sand garden will brush the tension away. 

And it’s super easy to maintain, too! Simply move the stand and stones around, or redecorate it with additional figurines you want to include in this sand garden. 

45. Vintage Copper Ring With Lotus Sanskrit 

A ring with engravings that correlate to zen, meditation, purity, and serenity? You’ll have them all with these vintage copper rings with lotus Sanskrit. More than this, they’re unisex, you and your beau can even have them as couple rings. 

With anti-corrosion properties, this durable ring can stand the test of time and maintain its shine even in repeated use. 

Top 50 Meditation Items: The Last 5

46. Snail/ Turtle Incense Stick Holder 

How about something cute to add to your meditation and yoga ornaments? Adorable is the word you’re looking for with this snail/turtle incense stick holder. Miniature to a T, you have as many of them around. 

But that’s not all (and yes, we’re using that line)! These aren’t ordinary incense holders. They’re manufactured with sturdy alloy making them ever so durable. 

47. Tibetan Buddhist Chanting Bowl 

Another instrument for meditating? Yes, please! This Tibetan Buddhist chanting bowl is one that reverberates and echoes a sweet-sounding tone whenever struck. It’s definitely a kind of support in ensuring that your times of meditation are as serene as can be. 

48. Tibetan Buddhist Wood Bracelet 

For prayers and chanting, Buddhist bracelets assist in letting you stay focused on the mantra itself. Also, the beads are there for you to have an idea of when to start and stop the chant. This is why this Tibetan Buddhist wood bracelet is legit in that sense. 

It has exactly 108 beads that are an ideal count for you to begin and end a mantra completely. 

49. Yin Yang Pendant Necklace For Men 

Zen in a pendant? That’s what you’ll get with this Yin Yang pendant necklace for men. A cool accessory that has a silver sheen, stylish addition to any outfit. 

We should also tell you that the plating is of a matte finish, you can be assured it won’t fade away with time.

50. Natural Stone Loose Beads Bracelet 

Finally, a bracelet that has all the right cuts if you’re into rectangular beads. The natural stone loose beads bracelet. Match its tinctures with your personality or have them all in your bracelet collection. 

Be vogue-ish in a boho way with these natural stone bracelets.

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