Third Eye Meditation: Why Is It Important In Martial Arts?

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The third eye, also known as the pineal gland in biology, is said to be positioned in the epicenter of the forehead. Also known as the ‘inner’ eye, it offers the ability to sense the unknown after its activation. That means one can sense objects which cannot be sensed with the five senses. So, the third eye becomes the ‘sixth sense’ and provides deeper insight into the ‘subconscious mind’. Well, if you are a martial artist, you can awaken the third eye through meditation. Read on to understand what this kind of meditation can offer you:

Third Eye Meditation In Martial Arts

Meditating on the third eye has been extensively used in martial art training to help students open themselves up to opportunities of supreme understanding and feeling. If practiced well, it can offer wisdom and insight. In martial arts, the third eye can serve as a danger sensor that can be used to detect danger signs and to keep one’s self safe in conflict situations.

Third Eye Meditation - Why Is It Important In Martial Arts?
Third Eye Meditation: Why Is It Important In Martial Arts?

Benefits Of Third Eye Meditation

Like any other meditative approach, third eye meditation can help achieve higher consciousness. Martial artists can benefit if they activate their third eye. Here’s how.

1. Better Intuitive Wisdom

Meditating on the third eye can help practitioners become more aware of the intuitive power that they already hold. It can make them sense any negative act directed at them even if they fight with their eyes closed. Further, this meditation training is quite beneficial for blind or visually-impaired students to help them gain better insight into whatever comes their way.

2. Overcome Fear

The third eye meditation can teach martial artists to face their challenges without fear. It can help them unlock their inner potentials and accomplish their goals. In other words, fear does not apply to those who regularly practice this type of meditation.

3. Suppress Negative Thoughts

By activating the third eye through meditation, martial art trainees can change the nature of the thoughts that crop up in their minds. This means that they can avoid the negative emotions or thoughts that can bother them. This can help them ward off worries, jealousy, extreme sensitivity, and other elements that can prevent them from performing better.

4. Increase Self-Confidence

Meditating to activate the inner eye can lead to increased self-confidence. This, in turn, can help students face opponents with greater self-esteem. This can help them become more productive and confident enough to achieve their goals.

5. Discover Attack Holes

Meditating helps martial artists to discover the precise opportunities when to attack their enemy. It will help them focus and find how they can use the opponent’s acts to their advantage. Consequently, this can increase their chances of winning a conflict.

Third Eye Meditation - Why Is It Important In Martial Arts?
Third Eye Meditation: Why Is It Important In Martial Arts?

6. Create New Goals

By achieving consciousness, practitioners can become more aware of their capabilities and potentials. By meditating, they can eventually set new goals.

7. Heal Faster

Third eye meditation can help anyone practicing martial arts to heal their mind and body faster. Regardless if it’s an injury or mental stress, they will be able to heal themselves and restore their energy to resume a fight.

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