The Best Stressbusters: Meditation Guide Video

meditation guide video

The technique involves focusing your mind on a particular activity, thought, or object to create awareness and enhance mental attention so that you achieve a mentally calm and emotionally stable state.

Meditation practices vary between traditions due to dissimilar practices. Therefore, it is kind of difficult to define meditation as a term.

The Contents In Meditation Guide Video Has It All

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Mindfulness Meditation: This meditation practice originated from Buddhist teachings. The teachings say that you cannot judge your thoughts, but you can only pay attention to them, and observe them closely without being involved in them. It develops your awareness and concentration. People who do not have a guide can seek help from a meditation guide video, as you can practice alone with ease.

Spiritual Meditation

This meditation is practiced well in Hinduism, Christianity, and Daoism. You can see essential oils used in such a meditation that tends to amplify the spiritual experience. It is similar to a prayer, but the silence around you tends to seek an immeasurable connection with your universe.

Focused Meditation

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As the name suggests, focused meditation aims at developing tremendous concentration and attention. The theory sounds like a child’s play, but it is a difficult task when beginners perform. For a beginner, focusing longer than a minute even seems burdensome. If you are a wanderer by your thoughts, focusing has to be of prime importance.

Mantra Meditation

For people who don’t like silence, mantra meditation works flawlessly. Chanting mantras creates more awareness for such people, resulting in them better concentration and attention. They are in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Repetitive words are used while chanting mantras. 

Transcendental Meditation

Similar to mantra meditation, a series of words or mantras which are discrete to the practitioners are used. It is beneficial to those who are regular in meditation. 

Progressive Relaxation Meditation

It aims at reducing tension, stress from your body, eventually promoting relaxation. Sometimes, it involves a muscle group to slowly tighten and then relax to help release tension from your body.

Movement Meditation

You are guided by the motion, actions, or movements of the gentle form. This form is best for the people whose minds wander with their thoughts and find peace and happiness in their works. 

Visualization Meditation

Visualizing optimistic scenes enhances the feeling of calmness, peace, and relaxation. This technique helps to develop self-motivation. Imagine yourself succeeding at one of your specific set of goals. This imagination creates a sense of self-belief and motivates you to work harder towards achieving your goal. People using visualization meditation tend to boost up their mood, reduce stress to attain peace.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

The ideal meditation for those people who cannot hold on to their feelings of anger and dissatisfaction. Loving-Kindness meditation strengthens the feelings of kindness, love, and acceptance towards oneself and also others. It broadens your mind to send and receive love and warm wishes.  

Benefits You Get From Meditation Guide Video

On a serious note, meditation works well from a broader perspective.

It can cure neurological, psychological, and cardiovascular disorders.

It reduces depression, anxiety, pain, and stress.

It also enhances self-belief, the quality of life you live, and gives a sensation of mental peace.

Better concentration and better sleep.

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