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tara brach meditation

The term “Trataka Brach Meditation” means “breath-centered awareness.” The method originated in India and is used for developmental stability. People who practice this technique often visualize themselves as being in a meditative state. Some prefer to visualize the ocean as their practice, while others visualize the vastness of the void. Both types of imagery are very effective in relaxing the mind.

In the United States, the Tara Brach School has been teaching breath-centered concentration for more than one hundred years. Students learn how to control and relax their minds so that they can achieve inner peace. They practice the techniques in a relaxed, quiet atmosphere. Most classes take place in a comfortable room or at home. Before learning these techniques, students must sign a contract agreeing that they will not use alcohol or drugs while under the guidance of the instructor.

Tara Brach Meditation

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The term “trataka” is Sanskrit for “soil.” According to the school, the meaning of the word is related to the fact that dirt is able to accumulate on a bed of seeds. For this reason, meditation is necessary so that seeds cannot germinate and spread throughout the mind and body. This method helps people deal with stress, anxiety, and even fears. By focusing on the activity itself, rather than what is worrying about, the stress felt within the individual is relieved.

Many people believe that this type of meditation is especially effective for those who are stressed out and overworked. The techniques are so simple, however, that anyone can perform them with little to no effort. The important thing is to be open and willing to practice on a regular basis.

A Much Ado

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Begin by lying down with your eyes closed. Place your palms on the floor next to each other, allowing your palms to touch. Breathe deeply, filling your lungs completely. Closing your eyes, make an affirmation that you will find calmness and harmony within yourself. Visualize waves flowing softly in the ocean; imagine yourself floating in the air.

Breathe slowly as you let go of any worry or fear that you may have. When you feel yourself beginning to relax, repeat a short phrase, such as “I am in a tranquil state of mind.” You can use this phrase over again until your mind has become empty. Once your mind is empty, begin to visualize waves moving across the sky. When you are in a peaceful state, start to relax all of your muscles from your head to your toes. Repeat this exercise until your body feels heavy, fluid, and ready to take on anything.

In order for this type of meditation to work, you must ensure that you are in a comfortable, dark, and serene place. Once you feel free, sit up straight in your chair. Close your eyes and focus on breathing deeply and slowly. When the conscious mind is quieted, picture waves crashing into the ocean as you let go of tension in your body. Allow the waves to engulf you will start to feel yourself relax.

Bottom Line

If you want a more powerful version of this exercise, then feel free to add a third person. Have another person sitting next to you in the same room and gently guide their hand over your stomach area, bringing it down to your stomach, while repeating, “I am in a tranquil state of mind.” Be careful not to touch your chest, or you could hurt yourself. As you feel your muscles beginning to relax, begin to float even further, until you feel yourself becoming heavier and you can feel yourself being pulled into the ocean. Remember to breathe into the ocean by repeating, “I am in a tranquil state of mind.” This will help you to become even more relaxed and into the sea.

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