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tantric meditation techniques

When you use tantric meditation techniques, you use your mind, body and spirit in union to achieve a state of self-realization. Tantra focuses on the spiritual aspect of human life and the connection between our spirit and our physical body. This connection allows us to use our mind’s power to heal ourselves from within. As we continue to use tantric meditation techniques, we learn to strengthen this bond between our spirit and our physical body.

Different Tantric Meditation Techniques

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There are many different tantric meditation techniques that can help you reach a higher level of spiritual awareness. One such technique is “Shiva jangri” or “God’s energy”. In this method of spiritual self realization, you and your tantric teacher/saints must recreate God’s energy within the seeker’s body. This God’s energy is your own inner energy, which you can access by asking for this energy from your higher self, the swami satyananda.

Other tantric meditation techniques include “Purna yoga”, “Bhastrika yoga” or “Shirodhara yoga” or “yoga tantra”. These terms stand for the ancient Indian practices of cleansing, refinement and rejuvenation. Yoga and tantra teachings teach us that our bodies are constantly being flooded with harmful toxins and other forms of negative energy. These energies can either work to poison our bodies or can cause great damage. In order to gain health and spiritual wholeness, it is important to purify our inner energies.

Why Yoga And Tantric Meditation Techniques Are Becoming So Popular?

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It is not difficult to understand why yoga and tantric meditation techniques are becoming so popular. The intimacy they instill in the student is a powerful healing force. These practices are designed to create a union with God and help the student to transcend his or her personality and ego. When the student becomes connected to the higher Self, then he or she can access the interlocking infinity of existence. This way of attaining a sense of inner wholeness helps to reduce stress, anxiety and other common symptoms generated by modern lifestyle.

Recognize Your Own Subtle Energy

By practicing these advanced meditation techniques on your own, you can learn how to recognize your own subtle energy (your chakras) and how to transform them into your own form of energy. This transform your consciousness to an even higher level than normal human consciousness. The transformation can be felt as waves of light, darkness, warmth and coolness moving through your body along with sensations of tingling, heaviness, expansiveness and flexibility. By meditating with your partner, you can achieve a state of deep connection with your partner which is tantric energy itself.

Fast Words

Blowing technique: breathe in and out slowly while looking straight ahead. As you exhale, push the air outwards and inwards while doing this, close your eyes. This will result in your chakras opening up and also sending out a strong stream of life energy inside you, thus stimulating the chakras and energizing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. To enhance the effect, you may want to use your hands while your partner places their hands in your face to provide support as you send out the energy through your hands.

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