Tantra Meditation Techniques – Using Yoga Meditation Techniques in an Intensive Way For Tantric Experience

tantra meditation techniques

By learning tantra meditation techniques you can harness the power of the spiritual kundalini, open yourself up to more spiritual power, and access even more hidden power within yourself. This ancient tantric knowledge deals with attaining sexual energies through meditation and harnessing them for a purpose. When properly guided by an experienced tantra master, tantra energy can be used to transcend the limitations of both physical and emotional life. These energies can then be used to transcend the limitations of the mind and reach higher spiritual states. This will open up a pathway to unlimited prosperity and joy. Read on for more information on this amazing science of Tantra Meditation Techniques.

The first step in tantric meditation techniques is to learn how to harness, integrate and transform sexual energy. Once this energy has been developed and united with the supreme energy source called the kundalini, it can be directed towards any desire, inclination or goal. In fact, this aspect of tantra meditation techniques is the most important because it deals with sexual energy. Any power invested in this area can result in unlimited happiness and unlimited well-being.

Tantra Meditation Techniques

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Two of the most important aspects of these advanced tantra meditation techniques are the yoga of awareness and the yoga of mastery. Yoga of awareness refers to the conscious control and observation of our surroundings, internal feelings and thoughts, and all aspects of our lives as a whole. This enables us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our surroundings. Once we have gained this awareness, it is necessary to focus on each chakra in order to maintain a proper balance. This is the path of psychic tantra yoga.

Mastering the techniques of meditation requires absolute concentration and self-discipline, both of which are crucial to attaining supreme understanding and peace within ourselves. The first step in this process is to establish a quiet place in which to practice meditation techniques. In fact, it is important that we meditate in total seclusion, devoid of all other distractions. Once we have achieved this state, we can then move on to establishing specific meditation techniques for specific purposes.

One such technique is mantra meditation, which helps to centre and consolidate our consciousness and focus. mantra is simply a series of sound bites or words that are meant to act as a catalyst in our spiritual or tantric sex recovery process. Each sound bite corresponds to a specific point of our tantric sex life, and this method enables us to pinpoint where in our lives our problem areas are most vulnerable.

A Much Ado

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Another important tantra meditation technique is binaural meditation. With this particular tantra meditation technique, one side of our ear is clamped with sound, while the other side is treated with silence. This technique allows the conscious mind to experience a series of sounds or tones, which are meant to activate a certain set of brainwaves within the brain. These brainwave frequencies are precisely those that correspond to the frequencies produced by our natural tantra arousal. Once this particular set of brainwaves is activated, it enables us to enter into a highly sensual and erotic state of consciousness.

Yet another extremely powerful tantra meditation technique is called yoga meditation. Through yoga meditation, we learn to observe and control our minds. We learn to remain calm and relaxed, without losing our sense of purpose and focus. The objective of this particular tantra yoga meditation technique is to enable our consciousness to reach a state of perfect inner balance, known as nairaga, which is necessary for experiencing tantra yoga’s ultimate pleasure-and sex-girdle transformation, kali ya.

Bottom Line 

It is important to realize that the concepts of tantra and yoga meditation should never be seen as separate entities. These concepts are deeply intertwined and can only be fully understood and appreciated when both concepts are properly utilized together. Achieving the greatest degree of spiritual insight is possible only when we combine the power of our mind with that of our body. When we use the techniques of tantra and yoga meditation together, we achieve two important goals: we get to enjoy the optimal sexual experience and complete spiritual awakening. Proper guidelines on how to meditate properly and in a way that meets our tantra teacher’s instructions are therefore essential for achieving these two important goals.

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