Tai Chi Chuan: Meditation In Movement

Tai Chi Chuan- The Moving Meditation

Tai Chi Chuan or moving meditation is a well-known martial art form easily identified by its slow movements and their healing properties. This approach is known to contribute to a healthy mind and body. Comprising of a series of 108 movements, Tai Chi aims to build the center of Chi or life force that originates from the lower abdomen of the human body. If done right, this practice of moving meditation can result in healing on various levels.

Common Tai Chi Chuan Exercises

1. Warm-Up

Every exercise starts with warming up the body and Tai Chi is of no exception. To warm up, stand with arms relaxed on your sides. Rotate your shoulders, hips, and neck one at a time. Remember to execute each rotation smoothly. You can keep warming up for 4 to 5 minutes.

Tai Chi Chuan- The Moving Meditation
Tai Chi Chuan- The Moving Meditation

2. Windmill Exercise

Stand with feet about 13 to 15 inches apart and with arms hanging by your sides. Bring your hands to your front with fingers pointing the ground. Breathe in, lift your arms and bring them over your head. Arch your spine a bit backward. Breathe out and bend forward, bringing your arms down. Let your arms relax loosely in front. Again breathe in and return to the start.

3. The Single Whip 

Extend our left leg and bend it slightly at your knee. Lengthen the right leg backward. Raise your left hand such that your thumb points toward your nose. Then, raise the right hand to shoulder height. The fingers of this hand should gently touch the thumb so that they look like a bird’s beak.

4. Closing Posture

Begin by standing so that your feet are 13 to 14 inches apart. Make a cupped position with your hands. Your hands should relax in front of your pelvic region with palms facing upward. Then, with your eyes closed, bring your hands slowly toward the chest. Exhale, rotate your hands and push them down toward the ground. Do this closing routine for two minutes.

Tai Chi Chuan- The Moving Meditation
Tai Chi Chuan- The Moving Meditation

Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan

People who practice Tai Chi are said to enjoy numerous benefits including better heart health, more flexibility, and prolonged life. This moving meditation prevents several diseases including high blood pressure, chronic illness, and arthritis. Some of its other benefits are:

  • Increased physical and mental strength.
  • Improved balance. This is why Tai Chi wards off the fear of falling.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • No negative feelings develop in the mind.
  • Eliminates depression and anxiety.
  • Hastens healing.
  • Improves sleep

Bottom Line

As a moving meditation practice, Tai Chi offers several health benefits. It clears the mind of all negative thoughts and feelings. Long-term practice can also help practitioners conquer their emotions. They can achieve great levels of fearlessness. Furthermore, Tai Chi breathing exercises that are practiced for cultivating life-energy can result in fast healing of mind and body. Go ahead and start practicing this effective meditation form today itself. Start with a gentle warm-up and end with the closing posture.

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