Step By Step Guide To Learn How To Meditate Properly

how to meditate properly

In this era of extremely stressful, tense life, many people suffer from mental problems like depression. They try to find many different ways to get relief and have peace. Meditation is one of the best-known techniques to find peace of mind. It is not only an exercise but also a great part of Indian and Buddhist culture. In Meditation, we learn how to pay attention to the incoming and outcoming air from our noses while breathing. If you want to have more focus, be more concentrated, and have better decision-making in life, Meditation is the best way to achieve all these at once. Meditation practice needs patience; one can’t have instant results like a workout. It is all about mind, positivity, and patience

Learn How to Meditate Properly With Basic And Simple Steps

Grab A Seat And Set A Time Limit

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To start Meditation, first, you have to find a peaceful and silent place where you don’t get disturbed, where refreshing air blows, where you can feel calm. The best time to meditate is in the morning, as in the morning, complete silence and fresh air are available. You don’t need a full day to meditate, just half an hour every day if you practice Meditation. For beginners, 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient. You have to set your time limit every day and increase that slowly. 

Feel The Silence And Concentrate On Your Breath

To learn how to meditate properly, first sit comfortably on a chair or floor cross-legged. You can close your eyes if you are more comfortable with that. Then you have to start sensing your breath as it goes in and out of your nose. There are various techniques of Meditation, but this is the basic technique of Meditation. 

Another Techniques Of Meditation

Once you have achieved how to meditate properly with the basic technique, you can try other techniques like concentration meditation, mindful Meditation, and many others. In concentration meditation, you have to focus on a single point for a particular amount of time. You can use a candle flame as the point to be focused. While in mindful Meditation, you try to understand your thought patterns and work on them. After understanding how to meditate properly with this technique, one develops an inner balance and has more tendency to quickly judge any experience.

Be Kind To Your Thoughts

While learning how to meditate properly, you will experience a lot of wandering thoughts. So by the time you realize that your concentration has diverted from the breath, you simply have to return your focus to the breath. You don’t have to judge yourself or lose patience when your mind wanders again and again.


Life is not easy. Every day people have to face many mental problems. But learning how to meditate properly can get you rid of many mental health problems. Practicing Meditation regularly builds up concentrating power and mindfulness.

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