Several Studies Show Health Benefits of Meditation

health benefits of meditation

Now is the right time to begin exploring the many health benefits of meditation. For those of you who may be new to it, those of you who are experiencing chronic illnesses or other health conditions or want to strengthen your body and mind, the benefits of meditation should not be overlooked. For those of you who have just started meditating, it is important to know that each person learns their style and the benefits of meditation. For those of you who have been meditating for some time, there are many benefits of meditation to share with you.

The Body Response

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The body responds to the health benefits of meditation in different ways. It can either increase your awareness of your body, lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress levels or even change the way you think and behave. For those of you who are new to meditating, you will notice that you experience all three of these through your daily routine. Through mindfulness meditation, you will be able to observe yourself and your thoughts and, in turn, change the way you respond to them.

When Did You Realize?

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Many people who suffer from depression are not aware that they are suffering until it reaches an extreme state. If you are familiar with the symptoms of clinical depression, you will note that they include lack of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, constant thoughts about death and suicide, and irritability. While clinical depression can lead to suicide, it is not the only thing that can lead to it. Several other conditions can cause similar symptoms, including bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. For those who suffer from depression, it is important to note that the symptoms of depression, including the inability to focus and concentration, and the increase of negative thoughts, can all be associated with one another and be related to a particular condition, like clinical depression.

Change In Mind And Body

When you start meditating, you will immediately see how the mind and body can change for the better when you can calm your thoughts and focus your attention. It is also very helpful to practice meditation when under stress because stress is very common in our daily lives. When you meditate, you are allowing your mind to slow down and remain calm. This is great for relieving the stress that people deal with daily.

Regularly Practice Meditation

One review concluded that a person who regularly practices meditation has a greater chance of being depressed. However, another review concluded that the results were mixed. Some people were able to benefit from meditation. One review concluded that “There is no scientific evidence that meditation will necessarily cure depression.” A different review, conducted by the University of Toronto affiliate school of Medicine, concluded a “lack of consistent evidence in support of the effectiveness of meditation for treating or preventing depression.” Many health benefits of meditation should be explored to find the one that works best for you. According to one review, “meditation may include relaxation of the muscles, relaxation of the mind, breathing exercises, and stretching.” Another review stated, “The purpose of practicing meditation is to achieve enlightenment.”

Beneficial For Adults And Children

Studies on the health benefits of meditation have been done both in adults and children. In adults, a meta-analysis found, “Meditative techniques were effective in reducing stress and enhancing immune function.” In a pediatric study, “effects of meditation on psychological and behavioral disorders were noted.” The effects of meditation on reducing stress and anxiety were shown in both adults and children.

Summing Up

In addition to the health benefits of meditation, several studies have shown the anti-inflammatory properties of certain natural oils and supplements. These oils have been proven to fight the symptoms of arthritis. A meta-analysis showed that oil supplements are effective in reducing the number of inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. This is because inflammatory chemicals are one of the major causes of pain.

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