Push Press For Your Muscles Strength

Push Press

Basic Introduction:

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A Push Press is a weightlifting exercise that is used to build muscle and increase strength. This exercise involves pressing a weight overhead from the shoulders. The exercise is similar to a shoulder press except the weight is held in both hands. This exercise targets the upper body and can help add size to all of your major muscle groups.


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The push press was developed by Olympic weightlifters to strengthen the muscles used while performing another popular lift, called a clean and jerk. The move uses a combination of pressing and jerking/snatching movements that require more power than a regular shoulder or overhead press.

To perform a push press, you need an adjustable barbell. You should have weights on each side of the bar, with five being standard for most lifters who are using this for strength training purposes. Position yourself so that you are facing away from the barbell with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at the knees and push your hips back, bending toward the floor until you feel a stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. Reach down to the bar with a grip that is shoulder-width apart and press up from this position so that you are standing upright. The movement should be done explosively, which will allow you to complete the exercise more quickly. Press the weight overhead so that it ends up in front of your face or slightly beyond it, depending on what’s most comfortable for you. Lower the weight back down slowly and repeat for several reps before returning it to its original placement on either side of the adjustable barbell.

Push Press as an Accessory:

The push press can also be used as an accessory lift when training for powerlifting and other sports. The lift can help improve and strengthen the muscles used in a bench press, especially if you add weight to the barbell while performing it. Make sure you do not use heavy weights while performing this exercise because it puts too much strain on your shoulders and elbows when done with anything heavier than standard dumbbells or plates.


Doing push presses with lighter weights is beneficial for many athletes who are looking to build strength without gaining too much size in their upper body. It is also an excellent move for increasing power output when training for combat sports such as wrestling, boxing, martial arts, etc. You can also try doing them with just one hand at a time to work on your stability and coordination using unstable surfaces like BOSU balls, giant medicine balls, sandbags, and even a partner’s body to increase difficulty.

Guide to do Push Press:

Push Presses are usually done in sets that range between 6-10 reps with around 60 seconds of rest in between each set. Do them for 3-4 sets before changing exercises or try super setting them with other moves like Bench Dips, Triceps Extensions, Skull Crushers, or Overhead Extensions. You can also try using different weights if you are looking for something more challenging.


The push press is an excellent exercise for developing shoulder strength and muscular endurance while also working your legs, glutes, and lower back muscles. It is also great for building coordination and balance when trying it one-handed. If lifting heavyweights in this move makes your joints feel uncomfortable, you can always try lightening the weight or simply doing it for higher reps with less rest between sets.

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