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“How does that feel? Way better than when we first started. Way hotter too.” I agreed and then added, “and I am not touching those weights.”

Our Martial Arts Kids Program was founded to provide a complete and comprehensive Martial Arts training experience for kids in New York City. We believe in the fact that Martial Arts is a great way to learn about discipline, exercise and mental focus. The new basic program provides martial arts students with the knowledge they need to be safe and effective in real world situations. Its EASY! Just fill out the online form on the left side of this site and you will get your special FREE coupon for a FREE fun and safe Karate class at Kali Martial Arts Academy in Margate, Florida! You will enjoy this fun martial arts training that helps students develop self defence basics!

Kali Martial Arts Academy

“This is great! Now I know I can protect myself and my kids even better!” said one parent. “The kids will learn how to hit and maintain a nice balance as well as develop self defence principals that will keep them safe and injury free in real life situations.”

“Having an experience-based martial arts class like the one we are teaching at Kali Martial Arts Academy in Margate, Florida will make our homes safer.” said another parent. “Kali is a great way for our son to learn self defence and reduce stress so he can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.” said a third parent.

“Now my son can take his martial arts skills to the next level,” said a mother. “Not only does he get to have some competition, but he gets to improve on his self defence skills that he already has”. This mom loves that her children are learning something about self defence which will keep them safe.

“This is just what our family needed. We could have experienced this when we were home during summer break last year but it was a mistake to leave our children unsupervised. We were sitting at home eating popcorn when two teens approached us. One of them opened the door for us, while the other pushed us against the wall. My son did not want to fight but we had no choice and he let them into the house.

“My kids are very careful with their own safety. They know that if they go to karate class and practise self defence moves, they will be safe. This new basic program provided by Kali is perfect for their needs”.

What It Teaches?

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This new basic system teaches children how to defend themselves in different situations. It also teaches them how to use everyday items like, pocket knives, buttons, coins and pens as weapons. This new system gives kids a great opportunity to learn how to defend themselves in the real world, which is much better than having them practice with their martial arts weapons in their bedroom. If your child wants to stay fit and healthy this summer, or wants to learn a new sport that will benefit them for years to come, then why not sign them up for Kali Martial Arts Classes?

Bottom Line

Even a child as young as five years old can start learning the basics of how to protect themselves. Once they have mastered the basics they can then move on to more advanced lessons. The best way to get your child involved in these types of martial arts classes is to encourage them and let them decide what they want to do. If they ask about it, talk with them about how they can get started with martial arts.

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