Power In Martial Arts: The Effects of Meditation

Power Of Meditation In The Field Of Martial Arts

Just like its techniques, meditation is important in martial arts. The state of being in the meditative state will not just empower a practitioner to perform better but will also teach self-control. Through meditation, one can discard negative thoughts and attain peace of mind. Even better, meditation can provide energy to heal fast, prevent early fatigue, and much more. This article discusses two types of meditations and what powers they can provide the practitioner.

(A) Sitting Meditation

Sitting meditation is performed in a sitting position. This is quite popular in the Western world. There are several postures in which a martial artist can practice this kind of meditation. For example, in Buddhist meditation, there is the lotus position, the Burmese position, the seated chair position, and so on.

Power Of Meditation In The Field Of Martial Arts - brings peace of mind
Power In Martial Arts: The Effects of Meditation

(A) Sitting Meditation

1. Ability To Visualize

Sitting meditation can offer a martial art practitioner the ability to visualize martial moves in such a way that they are executed to perfection when performed in reality. It can allow them to develop a mental blueprint of what they are expected to perform. This vision can automatically help them give their best shot during their fights.

2. Ability To Focus

The practice of sitting meditation can increase the ability to concentrate. This boost in focusing power can help a martial art trainee be more aware of an opponent’s moves. This allows effective defense in a fight. The sitting meditation approach is also an effective way for one to observe one’s own moves and implement them better.

3. Ability To Bring Peace Of Mind

The sitting meditation method brings peace of mind. It can help one learn to let go. This is beneficial when a student fails to win a battle so that one can move on by accepting the defeat. This acquired inner peace helps one to let failures go so that they don’t affect future events.

4. Ability To Self-Heal

Through a constant practice of sitting meditation, one can gain the power to self-heal after a tough and challenging fight. It can off mental and physical pain that affects or bothers a practitioner.

(B) Standing Meditation

Practiced in martial arts such as Qigong and Tai Chi, standing meditation offers a range of benefits to its practitioner.

1. Improves Posture

Standing meditation allows students to use their muscles in a postural way instead of engaging them in a phasic way that involves movement. This method of using the body’s muscles can help in improving posture.

2. Enhances Flexibility

Achieving the standing meditative state liberates long-held tension from muscles. This practice relaxes the muscles and makes them more elastic and flexible.

Power Of Meditation In The Field Of Martial Arts
Meditation Power In Martial Arts: The Effects

3. Boosts Endurance

Standing meditation involves standing and focusing that is not easy to practice. However, frequent practice can raise a practitioner’s endurance levels. That means that consistent meditation can make one perform better over time.

Eliminates Chronic Pain

Standing meditation dissolves chronic pain in no time. Whether it’s a shoulder discomfort or back pain that has resulted from a spinal disc injury, meditating while standing will eliminate chronic pain fast.

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