Meditation Music Benefits You Should Know Now

meditation music benefits

Music is a natural stress buster. It helps you in improving your overall health and helps you to cope up with stress. Similarly, meditation plays a pivotal role in keeping you mentally fit and calm. What will happen if both of them are mixed? This article will tell you about the exact thing. You will know about the benefits offered by meditation music.

Meditation Music Benefits

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For those who are a beginner at meditation or find it difficult to sit and meditate, meditation music is the best solution. It will help you calm your mind and is a technique that can help relieve stress if performed regularly. 20 minutes is considered the perfect timing for meditation music however a single song may also be enough to calm your mind.

Steps To Utilize Meditation Music

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Find a music track that you enjoy listening to. Music with a slow tempo and without any lyrics is preferred. This is because music with a fast tempo and lyrics may distract your mind and engage your conscious mind.

Select a comfortable position and relax. You don’t need to sit on a meditation pillow with your legs crossed. You can opt to sit in any position that you find comfortable and then practice meditation in this same position. You can even lie down if you wish to.

Once you find a comfortable position, you need to close your eyes, relax and take deep breaths.

Focus on the music. If you find your mind getting distracted, try to bring it back to the tone of the music and relax your mind and body.

Continue doing this for some time. Even when your mind wanders away, collect your thoughts and refocus your mind on the music.

Important Tips

Begin with a smaller duration of time and slowly increase your sitting time.

If a certain kind of music invokes multiple thoughts in your mind, change the music and switch to a different kind of music.

Time your meditation duration according to the duration of songs. This way you will be able to keep track of the duration of time you spend meditating.

If your mind gets diverted easily, don’t get frustrated easily. Meditating Is usually a difficult process for beginners.

Benefits Of Meditation Music

Protects your heart

Meditation music benefits involve making your heart strong. Research reveals that those who perform music mediation regularly are less likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke. Music meditation reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and the stress hormone, cortisol.

Boosts immunity

Meditation music benefits an individual by increasing the number of natural killer cells. These cells are responsible for the immunity inside a person’s body. Not just these, people who perform music meditation also have a higher quantity of IgA.

Improves sleep

Those who practiced music meditation had fewer incidences of fatigue and insomnia, six weeks after regular music meditation. Meditation music benefits your mind by relaxing it down and helping you to fall asleep.

Lifts mood

Music meditation benefits your body by releasing dopamine which is known as the happy chemical. It also reduces the risk of depression in people.

Sharpens your mind and memory

Older people who earlier showed signs of memory disorder later were found to improve when they performed music meditation.


Music meditation benefits a person in several different ways. It may help calm your mind and increase your concentration power. We all should try to inculcate music meditation as a part of our lives.

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