Meditation For Martial Art Practitioners: A Guide For The Challenged

The Guided Meditation For Martial Art Practitioners

Many martial art practitioners meditate to overcome fears, reduce stress, and become more aware of hidden potentials. Some even use it to concentrate better during a fight. Whatever the purpose of meditation, it is best to do so with someone’s guidance, particularly if you are a beginner. Known as guided meditation, this practice can help you attain positive results faster. If you have recently joined a martial art class, here’s how you can start with guided meditation.

Finding The Right Guide 

Generally, martial art practitioners are taught how to meditate after each training session. If this is not the case with you, find a guide on your own to practice meditation the right way. Here are some options you can consider:

The Guided Meditation For Martial Art Practitioners
Meditation For Martial Art Practitioners: A Guide For The Challenged

Podcasts: There are several podcasts that can help you develop your meditation habit. Do a web search and find a podcast that best suits you.
Online Audio Service: You can subscribe to an online music service and access plenty of guided meditation sessions.
Video-Sharing Platforms: If you want a video demonstration, you can look for video websites. The video demos are most effective for beginners as they explicitly show meditation positions, breathing techniques, and so on.
Guided Meditation Websites: You can find a meditation website that offers meditation sessions in audio or video formats.

Practicing Guided Meditation

Martial art students can practice meditation after their class or in the morning. The best time to do this is early morning when both mind and surroundings are calm.

  • Decide a place where you can meditate. Pick an area that is peaceful and cozy. Make sure the place is not too dark. You can use a home diffuser with good aromatic oil for a better meditative experience.
  • Try to meditate at a specific time each day. For example, if you choose to meditate after training, make this a constant routine.
  • Use comfortable clothing.
  • Take a cushion and sit comfortably. Decide the position you want to take. For example, if you want to practice Zen meditation, you can use the Burmese position, the half-lotus, the Seiza, or the full lotus position.
  • You can learn about sitting positions from the guide you chose.
  • Before starting the meditation practice, take some long breaths to release tension from your mind and body.
  • Set a timer and play the meditation session audio or video. Before doing that, you can also focus on an object for 5 to 10 minutes.
The Guided Meditation For Martial Art Practitioners
Meditation For Martial Art Practitioners: A Guide For The Challenged

Making The Most Of Guided Meditation

Meditation takes time to work. However, you can reap benefits sooner if you practice it rightly. Here are some things you can consider to make the most of your meditation session:

  • Switch off your phone or put it on silent mode before you start to meditate.
  • Wear comfortable attire while meditating.
  • Never force breathing; instead make it entirely effortless.
  • Use the most comfortable position for you.
  • Meditate on a regular basis, always at the same time.
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