Meditation For Beginners – A Guide For Beginners

meditation for beginners guide

What exactly are the advantages of meditation for beginners? What exactly is meditation and how can it actually work? What are the various meditation techniques? How to really meditate, especially without any props?

Relax Your Mind

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Meditation is a way to relax your mind. Some people are sitting for hours but hardly do anything meaningful with that time, other than maybe read a book. And even those that do spend time meditating, they do not get any benefit. They may close their eyes and feel refreshed, but after a while, they will be back to being tired and grumpy. If meditation is done properly, and with proper methods, you can find yourself being in a relaxed state from 10 mins to half an hour and even longer.

The first tip is that you should be in a quiet place, without any disturbances. Close your eyes and start relaxing your body, and your mind too. Breathe deeply through your nose, hold it for a few seconds, then release through your mouth. You should concentrate on your breathing and on nothing else at the moment. It is possible that this may become difficult if you are focusing on something very specific – such as a spiritual teacher, a light, a thought, etc – but try and stay focused on the moment.

Comfortable Position

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To get started with meditation, you should be in a comfortable position. This could mean sitting on a chair, or it could mean lying down, but whatever you are comfortable with, is right for you. Next, you should close your eyes and clear your mind. Start focusing on your breathing, or on anything that becomes distracting. You want to drop yourself into a relaxed state of mind, where your focus is just on your breath.

When you become more skilled with meditations, you can start removing yourself from your thoughts. Do this by focusing on your breathing, and taking slow breaths. Remove any distracting outside objects, and you will find yourself focusing solely on your breathing. This is a wonderful and profoundly effective technique for getting rid of negative thoughts and distractions from your surroundings.

Release Stress And Anxiety

Meditation is one of the easiest ways to release stress and anxiety. One of the biggest reasons why people are not able to stick to a meditation schedule is simply the fact that they do not have time to devote to it every day. If you are meditating every day, you are probably experiencing a great deal more stress than you would otherwise. You can drop stress by meditating every day, but you can also release stress by not meditating every day. Both of these techniques are equally good, and both of them are useful for reducing stress.

Meditation is the ideal way to focus on your breathing and concentration. Many people who are surrounded by distractions and who are frequently stressed out do not realize how much their concentration and focus are suffering. As you become more adept at meditating, you can start removing yourself from distractions. Every once in a while, pick up a calming book and turn the volume down so that you can focus on your breathing and concentration. Not only will you experience more profound levels of relaxation, but you will notice that you will also notice a tremendous amount of health benefits.

Bottom Line

Meditating doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, many people can get started on meditation without a lot of high-tech equipment or fancy clothes. Anyone can meditate just by listening to a CD. If you want to get started on the path to spiritual health, don’t be afraid to get started with a simple meditation CD.

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