Marital Arts Reigns Synopsis

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Ming Ye is the main protagonist of Wu Dao Du Xun. When he was a child the the Patriarch of the Ye clan sacrificed his father for money. The Patriarchs son tried to rape his mother so she killed herself before he could do it. As a teenager he was a genius and the Patriarch’s second son was jealous so he crippled his. His fiancee as the time,Hanyu Wu, decided she does not want to marry a cripple and decided she instead wants to marry the Patriarchs second son, Wansheng Ye.

Ming Ye meets an old man who tells him to meet him at midnight and he can help him, Since Ming Ye has no other options he decides to meet the old man, but soon discovers that it is a trap as he wants Ming Ye’s body to replace his dying body. The old man take over Ming Ye’d body, put on the golden cloak and makes a blood sacrifice to the cloak. The cloak has the spirit of Bei Ming in it and is only loyal to whose blood it makes a pacy with and proceeds to destroy the soul of the old man. Bei Ming informs Ming Ye who she is and that he is now her master.

Bei Ming cures his broken meridians and teaches him martial art skills from a diverse amount of skills. Ming Ye leaves the family compound to go into the wild and train with Bei Ming. When he comes back, he participates in the Qin family tournament, wins and is selected to go to the Red Sun Sect.

He married all three beauties of DongQi College. In the Manhua his name is used as Ming Ye and Ye Ming, in the novel it is Ye Ming

Hanyu Wu – She was suppose to be Ming Ye’s wife, but after his meridians was destroyed 


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In the Continent of Tianyuan, those with great abilities can move the mountains and the seas, kick the stars and the moon, tear the sky with a punch, and smash the earth with one foot! Ye Ming, a man on verge of exile and born out of an ordinary family, seeks revenge for the death of his parents and constantly strives to strengthen himself. Under these circumstances, he obtained the “Divine Treasure Cloak,” took the ‘Divine Foundation Building Pill,’ and studied the ‘Arts of repairing Meridians.’ With sincerity and ambition, he forge ahead bravely, whoever blocks his path to martial arts cultivation, will be killed with no pardon! The immortal Imperial Dynasties, the Great Religion of the ages, the gigantic demons of the Great Desolation, the hands of the Divine Devil, in the face of these deities that fill the whole sky, he has nothing to fear, my life is not in the hands of the heavens

So read the story and enjoy!

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