List Of Martial Arts – The Different Strategies You Should Mandatorily Learn

list of martial arts

Martial Arts are the traditional fighting art of combat with various styles and techniques, originating mainly from East Asia. List of Martial arts learned for different purposes including, physical fitness, self-defense, and competition. While earlier in history Martials arts was a practice to fight for war and self-defense for protection, now in modern life it is taught and practiced as a sports fighting style which is known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). This iconic style of fighting is a full-combat sport that allows a mixture of skills and techniques.

Types of Martial Arts

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There are almost 170 different styles of Martial arts in different parts of the world. Japan, Korea, and China are most popular in traditional Martial arts with various forms. There are many different varieties of Martial arts that are practiced in Japanese culture, among all 5 forms of Martial art are very famous. In China, three types of Martial arts forms are well known and some types of traditional Martial arts in Korea are most popular among worldwide people. In addition, America ‘Kickboxing’, ‘Kaju kendo’, and ‘traditional boxing’ are the forms of Martial arts, in India’ Kalaripayattu’, Israel ‘Krav Mga’, and Brazil ‘Capoeira’ and ‘Jiu-Jitu’.

List of Martial Arts and their Method 

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Japan- ‘Judo’ is a modern art fighting for self-defense in Japanese. In a Judo fight, the most prominent feature is to pin down the opponent with a joint lock. ‘Aikido’ also known as “the way of harmonious spirit” is Martial arts that focus on the fundamental technique of throwing in four-direction and joint locks. ‘Karate’ Martial art is an unarmed open hand technique to strike using the knee, elbow, and leg. ‘Sumo’ wrestling focuses on grappling the opponent with full contact to force push out a circular ring or to pin down any body part. ‘Kendo’ is an armed martial art which is widely practice in Japan; it uses a bamboo sword to strike. 

China- in Chinese Martial arts culture, ‘Kung Fu’ is known as ‘ability to do something. Kung Fu is a combination of both external and internal strength with an open-hand fighting technique. ‘Tai Chi Chuan’ is a martial art technique for health benefits that reduce stress. 

Korea- Taekwondo is standardizing Japanese Karate, is a form of attack and defense to strike an opponent using your hands and feet. ‘Taekwondo’ and ‘Hapkido’ are the two best-known unarmed Martial arts in Korea. ‘Taekkyeon’ is a traditional form of martial art that strikes an opponent with a kick.

Importance and Benefit of Martial Arts

Martial arts are a sport of combat, whether organized for competition, exercise, or for fun, its concept is to defend strikes and attack with strikes. Some forms of martial arts are beyond combat, it is practiced for medical purposes, which help in healing. Martial art has many benefits among people’s lives, it enhances the strength of the body as well as the mind, it boosts stamina, flexibility, and posture and builds strong muscle and it also makes the body fit. Moreover, it helps with time management, patience, and increased determination.


Nowadays, adults and children are very much fond of martial arts to learn as a process of developing self-defence and to build-up their confidence, patience, and self-esteem. Many people are joining Martial art training for their safety. Some martial arts are also used for disease prevention and healing purposes.

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