Learn Using Natal Charting Encoded Questions For New Answers In This Inner Guide Meditation

inner guide meditation

The Inner Guide is a new book by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D. It explains the transformational path to mental awareness and enlightenment with the tarot, palmistry, Qabalah, karma, and transformation science. It can be considered a spiritual guide for people wanting to understand their past and how their current situation may affect their future. It can also be used as a tool for making positive changes in one’s life for the better. Many authors write books on these topics, and Oakes is one of the best.

Learn To Heal

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One of the most popular uses of the inner guide meditation is to find healing or answers to questions relating to love and relationships. There are many versions of this form of meditation. Some use the tarot; some use the Steinsbek alphabet; others use the Kabbalah. In this book, Dr. Oakes divides her focus into three main areas: she applies these meditations to questions of love, relationships, and finances.

The Inner World

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The first area is called a false guide or the inner world. In this first area, which is the incorrect inner guide, you find no actual reality in your relationships, thoughts, fears, or worries. Oakes teaches that the inner guide is just like the blind spot located in your car. When this becomes clear, you can see that the inner guide meditation can help you find your true self, your true self-worth.

Steinbrecher World

The second area is called the Steinbrecher world. In the Steinbrecher world, you begin to experience psychic experiences related to the Steinbrecher crystal. This leads to the third area, which is your relationships. When you recognize your suffering and that others also share your difficulties, you have a new awareness of the need to change your relationship patterns for the benefit of all concerned.


Then you realize that you must change your relationship patterns to benefit yourself and those you love. You then examine the situations in which you are currently suffering and decide to change your responses positively. Finally, when you discuss your tarot cards, you find that your inner guide meditation has brought you the answer you seek. This leads to the fourth area, which is money.

Financial Health

In your inner guide meditation, you learn that your financial health depends on the quality of the relationship you maintain with the people you love. If you are financially secure, you are happy and fulfilled. If you are not financially secure, you may experience sadness, unhappiness, or a feeling of a constant worry. By reflecting on your life events, you may notice patterns where you did not receive the love or money you deserve, and this can lead you to examine the nature of your relationships and the role you played in those events.

Examining Tarot Deck

The fifth area of your inner guide meditation involves examining your tarot deck and Tarot symbols. You do this because, over time, your understanding of your truths may change. For example, if a loved one has passed away, you may become less receptive to what you previously knew and believed about your life. Similarly, if you have experienced a significant loss, your Tarot symbols may indicate that you need to evaluate how you handle the situation. In a Steinbrecher’s session, you will use the characters on the table to examine both the negative and positive aspects of your life.

Summing Up

By using the codes on the table and the associated images to clarify your feelings, you can examine the truth of your life and determine what changes are necessary for you to make for your happiness and fulfillment. Finally, as you engage in your inner guide meditation, you will become aware of the fact that the answers to the most pressing issues in your life lie within yourself. Rather than engaging in the same old self-talk, which perpetuates limiting beliefs and keeps you stuck in a rut, you can use this time to ask personal questions about your current circumstances and life goals that will help you find the answers you seek from within.

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