Japanese Meditation Techniques – Keeping Yourself Calm Is Easier

japanese meditation techniques

Originated in the Tang Dynasty in China, Zen meditation is the ultimate form of meditation followed in Japan, China, Korea, and various other Asian lands. Zen refers to concentration or mediation. It is a traditional Buddhist discipline that follows various meditation techniques.

Japanese Meditation Techniques – Benefits Of Zen Meditation 

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Zen meditation is an ancient practice helping people in reducing depression, stress, and anxiety issues. It helps provide innate clarity and workability. This form of meditation helps people to acknowledge and fight deep-rooted issues by practicing and intuition. Zen meditation is a process of mindfulness that offers cognitive, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Furthermore, this Japanese form of meditation has helped people in drug abuse treatment. 

Japanese Meditation Techniques – Techniques Of Zen Meditation 

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Focusing on breathing pattern 

Mediators sit in a Seize pose or half lotus pose either on a padded mat or on a chair. While meditating, the individuals are required to focus on their breathing patterns. Focus is on the way air moves in and out of the stomach region. This Zen meditation technique helps in developing a sense of alertness. 


Another technique of Zen meditation is Shikantaza. It involves the practitioner sitting quietly and allowing every thought to pass from the mind. No object or instrument is used in this technique. It is also known as effortless presence meditation as the practitioner does not attend or dwell over any specific thought. 

Group meditation 

This technique of meditation is known as a session in Japan. It involves intensive mediation by a group of people in meditation centers or temples. It’s an intensive meditation form that usually lasts 30 to 50 minutes followed by walking meditation and a short meal break. Meals after meditation are served in bowls. 

Walking Meditation 

This technique of Japanese meditation helps in providing benefits to both mind and body. It is specially designed for individuals who like to be active and exercise regularly. Individuals walk at their own pace with the aid of music or a mantra to relax the mind. It helps in relaxing people with silence and stillness.

Japanese Meditation Techniques – How To Learn The Correct Techniques? 

Various audio programs, online learning videos, books, articles, and videos are available that help people to learn the correct techniques of Zen meditation. Depending on needs, interests, and budget, a person can choose from available techniques that can prove to be efficient and helpful. You might want to take the help of an advisor or an expert in the field to understand how you can perform this meditation in the right manner to achieve better outcomes. You might want to take a consultation as the basic step. 


Zen meditation is the Japanese meditation that comprises various techniques to help individuals physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and mentally. Zen refers to concentration or mediation. This form of meditation helps people to acknowledge and fight depression, stress, and anxiety issues. Mindfulness, focusing on breathing, intensive group meditation, and shikantaza are various techniques in Japanese mediation. 

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