Meditation Guide: How To Open Your Third Eye

How To Perform Third Eye Meditation

Third eye meditation is the act of activating the energy center that rests between your eyebrows. The third eye, which is the home to one’s sixth sense, is difficult to open. However, once opened, it brings great intuition and wisdom. Indeed, meditating on the third eye can be challenging for beginners. Fortunately, you can do it efficiently with the help of steps:


Follow these steps to activate your third eye:

How To Perform Third Eye Meditation
Meditation Guide: How To Open Your Third Eye

1. Before You Begin

Choose a location that you think is free from all distractions. Choose a time and try to meditate at that time every day. Martial artists can practice this before or after their training. Drink some water before you start to meditate. This detoxification is essential to ward off the toxins from your body. Then, do a little stretching to prepare your body. Stretching for only five minutes can help you sit comfortably for longer periods.

2. Position Your Body

Sit cross-legged or take any position that you think is comfortable for you. However, ensure that your back is straight and that your chest stays open. You can place your hands either on your knee or lap. Gently close your eyes and keep your head upright.

3. Relax & Breathe

Make sure your body is completely relaxed before you begin to activate your third eye. To relax, start breathing slowly and focus on how your body feels as you inhale and exhale. Focusing on your breathing will clear your mind of all your emotions and thoughts.

4. Clear The Mind

Try to move your mind away from tensions. Strive to concentrate on the present moment. You may count or focus on a point to concentrate better.

5. Activate The Eye

Visualize your third eye in the middle of your forehead. Think about its size and prepare to open it slowly. At this stage, you may experience various visual effects such as natural surroundings, people, or scenes from your everyday routine. Once you have got your third eye open, try and concentrate on it while keeping the other two eyes closed. However, if you fail to imagine opening the eye, you can open both eyes and start over.

6. Stay Focused

Continue and practice visualizing for 15 to 20 minutes. Do not go beyond 20 minutes; this can be exhausting for you. Remember everything you see and pen them down after your session. Creating a record will make you aware of the nature of things you experience during your third eye meditation.

7. Exit From Meditation

Once you are done meditating, slowly stop visualizing the third eye. Now gently open your eyes. Make sure to be aware of your breath until you open your eyes.

How To Perform Third Eye Meditation
Meditation Guide: How To Open Your Third Eye

8. Continue Practicing

Practicing daily will help you open your third eye easily particularly if you aren’t able to open it in the beginning. Remember not to give up if you don’t succeed in the first few times. Continue the practice a few times every week.

Warning: Activating the third eye can lead to health issues in some individuals. If this is the case with you, it is advised that you immediately stop meditating to activate your third eye.

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