How to Improve Your Brain Power

brain power

The brain is a muscle. Just like any other muscle, you can build up the muscle of your brain too. This can be achieved by practicing and doing brain-related work. What distinguishes humans from the rest of the animals is their brains. The brain is a gift of god and there are many ways in which you can increase the power of the brain as well. There are many ways to improve your brainpower and all these are tried and tested ways.


This ancient game can boost your brainpower. It helps in building up memory and also improving the strategic vision of a person. There are many ways to move a piece, the chess masters study and learn these just like a computer and thus always have a way out of tough situations as well. The pro players usually predict the movements of their opponents and they can study the board to easily find out which piece has a better location or more empty boxes around them. 


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Reading is one of the best ways to improve brain power. You should try and imagine the scenarios while you read them, this method effectively boosts brain power. Any kind of information that you might feel is important, is worth feeding your brain. This improves its brainpower and allows more retaining capabilities. 

Learn Foreign Language

People tend to find it very difficult to learn new languages. They think that it is a very unique thing for which you must have some aptitude. But actually, learning a language is quite easy and this will help you develop other qualities that will be necessary for your brain. Once you start learning a new language, you will never want to stop.

Have Breakfast

It might sound lame but this is a proven fact that starting your morning fresh and eating a healthy breakfast improves your short-term memory. People who eat breakfast are more attentive and have a better memory. But eating too much is also harmful. A calorie breakfast may hinder your concentration.

Learn New Skills

There is this hype that solving crosswords or playing online games improves brain power. But actually, this is wrong, learning a new skill will surely improve brain power. Research has shown that if an old person tries to learn a new skill, then his brain functioning improves. Thus it is advisable to take up the next skill that excites and challenges you and start learning that.

Take Naps

When you work hard, you get tired. Your brain also gets tired and its functioning is hindered. In such a case, it is advised to take a nap. Naps are the best way to reboot your brain and enhance its functioning and concentration power. An hour’s nap may help you learn new skills quickly and make you more attentive. However, a 20 minutes nap may also help, but it will make you feel tired and groggy when you wake up.


Our brain is an amazing organ and you do not need fancy pieces of equipment to boost it or to reach its peak performance. The best way to improve its functioning is to stay and eat healthily and follow a proper routine. A healthy body makes a healthy mind. Also, you should always stay positive and happy to make the brain function smoothly. 

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