Free Meditation Guide & Tips For Beginners

free meditation guide

Easy as it seems, but the art of mediation can be complicated in the eyes of a beginner. Therefore, it is vital to know the basics first before doing it. Read this free meditation guide and tips for beginners to guide you along the way.

Sit For 2 Minutes

Start small first. You can do this by meditating for two minutes each in a week. If that goes well, increase it by two more minutes until you’re able to meditate for at least 10 minutes daily.

Make It A Habit Each Morning

It may be easier say than done, but try your best to make it part of your daily routine. You can help reinforce this habit by setting a reminder in your smartphone, or putting a sticky note beside your bed.

Check How You’re Feeling

It important to check how you’re feeling and your body status before meditating. By doing so, you’ll be aware if your body is optimal enough to do meditation.

Don’t Forget To Count Your Breaths

Now that you’re on the zone already, pay attention to your breathing pace as well. You can try by counting “one” as you inhale, then “two” as you exhale. Decide how many repetitions you can do.

Notice Your Surroundings

free meditation guide for beginners

After mastering those breathing paces and exercises, try to practice focusing on the lights, sounds, and other sources of energy this time. Do it in alternation every day. For example, today will be for light. Then, tomorrow will be for sounds. Fixing your attention to one spot to improves your concentration.

You Can Do It Anywhere

The art of meditation is exclusive in homes only. You can even do it on the park, in your office, wherever it suits your fancy. Remember that meditation is all about mindfulness. So, wherever there’s some quiet place, you can do it there.

Commit Yourself

You must have to commit yourself in order to fully receive all of its benefits. Train you mind to be locked in for a mind in order to develop discipline during meditation.

Don’t Worry Too Much Even If You’re Doing It Wrong

This is common for practitioners and beginners. But don’t worry, we all came from that phase. Actually, there’s no perfect way to do meditation. Therefore, just be happy doing it all the way.

Don’t Worry About Clearing Your Mind

The main goal of meditation is to refocus your attention, not shut them down. So, if ever your mind wanders, just be positive about it then refocus your thoughts again. The art of meditation involves continuous presence of mind.

Don’t Let Yourself Wander

free meditation guide and tips for amateur practitioners

Eventually your mind will wander. But don’t get frustrated because it’s normal for that to happen. Recompose yourself by just smiling then repeating your breathing pace. With a little more practice, you’ll overcome distractions much better.

Develop A Loving Attitude

During meditation, random thoughts and feelings might arise. If that happens, just try to look at them in a positive light. Try to accept them with open arms and try to avoid seeing them as enemies.

Do Body Scan

You can do this by focusing your energy and attention to one body part at a time. Start to feel you muscles in your toes, up to your torso, until you reach the top of your head.

Don’t Forget To Smile When You’re Done

When you’re finished with your two-minute meditation, don’t forget to be grateful for two reasons. First, you successfully did your best in doing it. Second, it helped you refocus on things. Be proud of what you did, and strive to improve tomorrow.

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