Donnie Yen Martial Arts And Peace Concepts You Should Learn

donnie yen martial arts

For starters, Donnie Yen is one of the popular actors and Martial artists in the industry, and this article is focused on how he became a popular artist and the concepts you might want to follow that he taught. He has spent the youth in Boston and has been focusing on his mother’s martial arts school and lifting weights with the China Town boys club. In recent interview, he has stated that he was training to be in action movies even before the opportunity came into action.

His Experience

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He has stated that he would be out on the street with winter coats, kicking signs and lamp posts. He would always do certain things to check how well he was when it comes to the body condition. His major focus has always been discipline and he confirms that he would set in same goes for himself to make sure he is tirelessly focusing on the goals he would like to achieve. He also gave an example like he would challenge himself to do 10000 sidekicks and put it on the notebook. By the time he reached the number, his kicks used to be stronger than what he did when it was the first kick. He has also shared his experience about ripping the heavy bags multiple Times and it seems like it happened about 10 times.

Passion and Action Cinema

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Mr. Yen states that he used the passion for learning in every job he set forth in. He intensely studied the style that the character was supposed to be knowing and then consulted with experts and other Consultants to make sure the best version is brought on screen. He always focuses on new styles and techniques that he can bring to the movie on his own.

Martial Arts

The mixed martial arts competitions and other cage fights come to the same when it was before and early stages of the UFC and Mr. Yen used to be in Hong Kong every time and he would Run around everywhere to find locations to watch the fights. He also shares in his interview that he remembers chasing down the tape and he was interested in all of that. He confirms that once he saw all of the fights, he knew that he had to deploy them in the movies and now he is one of the first few people to bring them into the Asian cinema.


His passion and contribution have brought him to this level and that is some constant training behind how his career shifted from being in Hongkong and chasing down the tapes to one of the popular mixed martial arts specialists in the industry. He has also adapted several other styles during his tenure and has never at one point denied the justice he has to do to the style he follows. He has also been focused on challenges to feed to the need for consistency and practice and improved all the way through.

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