Shaolin Kung Fu: How To Develop Your Mental Strength

Developing Mental Strength With Shaolin Kung Fu

There is no denying that martial arts have the ability to strengthen both mind and body. Whether it is Shaolin Kung Fu or any other form, each one requires extreme levels of discipline. Indeed, Kung Fu is a martial art that focuses on teaching discipline for the mind and body. This discipline is, in turn, can be used to demonstrate the beauty of the universe. Through this article, you can discover how to develop mental strength with Shaolin Kung Fu.

Criteria To Learn Shaolin Martial Arts

It is rightly said that Shaolin martial art is much more than physical training. It requires practitioners to undergo rigorous training of the mind as the mind is the foundation from where Shaolin techniques flow.

In fact, this martial art form has two facets: Chan and Quan. While Chan deals with awareness of the mind, Quan deals with the physical aspect of the martial art. As well, the second facet depends on the first as it is impossible to learn Shaolin martial arts without learning meditation.

Developing Mental Strength With Shaolin Kung Fu
Shaolin Kung Fu: How To Develop Your Mental Strength

Important Aspects Of Shaolin Martial Arts

1. Meditation

The most important aspect of Shaolin martial arts is self-awareness. Self-awareness is achieved by regulating one’s breathing patterns and using them to deliver physical movements with full power. This is why Shaolin martial art students spend several hours every day practicing meditation. Through deep periods of focus, one can easily harness the power to increase control over one’s body.

2. Active Meditation 

Active meditation involves a series of slow and controlled movements. Similar to yoga, this approach to meditation helps in achieving awareness without carrying out seated meditation. One active meditation approach is Tai Chi, a martial art practice that incorporates slow moments. The purpose of these movements is to strengthen Chi, another critical aspect of Shaolin martial arts. This force is the real source of any student’s strength and can only be triggered through mental awareness.

3. Qi Gong

Shaolin martial arts also involve another practice called Qi Gong. Similar to Tai Chi, Qi Gong focuses on slow movements but not in the form of martial arts. This practice focuses on employing chi (or qi) to provide strength to the body and heal it.

Using a skill called Hard Style Qi Gong, students can easily turn their bodies into shields by the means of lower-abdominal breathing techniques. This enables each student to enhance toughness, survive potent blows, and fight without getting injured.

In practice, Hard Style Qi Gong involves several students lying over one another. One student lays over several knives, another student rests over several nails. Another student rests on the top of both. A block is held over the top and is then broken using a hammer.

Developing Mental Strength With Shaolin Kung Fu
Shaolin Kung Fu: How To Develop Your Mental Strength

4. Benefits Of Meditation In Shaolin Martial Arts 

Both regular meditation and active meditation offer several benefits to Shaolin martial arts students. Apart from strengthening their mind, it allows them to:

  • Expand their minds to learn better
  • Develop inner peace
  • Become more responsible
  • Be more disciplined regarding themselves and their surroundings
  • Become a better communicator by reflecting on their thoughts.
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