Chinese Martial Arts And Protective Techniques You Should Learn

Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese martial arts is said to have originated more than 4000 years ago. It makes it clear how old and ancient Chinese martial arts are. Chinese martial arts was developed due to the need for self-discipline and self-defense. Many legends are popular for the description of the origin of Chinese martial arts. The Chinese martial arts will help in developing Self defense, physical training, and strength as well as spiritual growth.

Popular Chinese Martial Arts

T’ai chi ch’uan is an extremely popular Chinese martial art practiced by many people because of its health benefits and the self-defense techniques it teaches. Qigong is another popular Chinese martial art. It is a combination of coordinated body posture and body movement, breathing as well as meditation. This style is used to maintain health and spirituality along with martial arts training.

Types of Chinese Martial Arts

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When it comes to categorizing Chinese martial arts, there can be three ways to categorize them.

Internal/External Styles

The internal Chinese martial arts refers to the martial art that requires strength from the torso aur legs, whereas the external includes the martial arts that require more specific training to the arm and leg muscles.

Southern/Northern Styles

Another category for Chinese martial art is their place of origin. It is decided based on its position as compared to the Yangtze River. A major difference seen between the northern and southern styles is that Northern includes more speed and swiftness in kicks and jumps, whereas the southern focuses are on building strength.


This distinction is made based on the province or city of Chinese martial art.

Benefits Of Learning Chinese Martial Arts

Learning Chinese martial arts possesses several benefits for the student. Firstly it helps in building physical strength as well as control over one’s body. It also helps in developing spiritual connection through meditation and focus. Chinese martial arts also teaches discipline and patience. Sending children to learn Chinese martial arts will help in developing good personal skills. Chinese martial arts are a great way to learn discipline as well as Self defense.

Learning Self defense is not just to protect yourself but to motivate yourself. When you know that you are capable of defending yourself, you will feel 3 times more confident than you are currently feeling. Also, it is one of the best forms of workouts that you will regularly continue without even recognizing the pain like we usually do when we go to the gym. It is an activity that will also keep your fit.


Chinese martial arts are a very well preserved culture of China. These have gained popularity due to their influence in popular culture and their benefits to the learner. Moreover, artists such as Bruce Lee and movies such as The Karate kid have greatly boosted Chinese martial arts popularity over time. Many martial arts schools provide proper training for the same. For children learning Chinese martial arts is a great way not just to learn Self-defense but also develop essential personality skills like patience and discipline.

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