Chakra Meditation Techniques For Self-Expression and Balance

chakra meditation techniques

Balancing your chakras can have a great effect on your life. It can help to promote an overall sense of well being and emotional stability. Keeping your chakras in balance is important for mental and physical health, and being out of whack can cause physical or emotional problems. Before you go further, make sure you have a nice relaxing bath, and let’s have some chakra meditation.

This type of chakra meditation techniques involves focusing on the root chakra through mudras, or specific yoga techniques. This part of the body holds a lot of energy. Maintaining proper balance of this chakra through yoga and meditation is very important. If you have any physical, mental, or emotional healing needs, it can help to balance this chakra through chakra yoga techniques. Yoga positions that hold the attention on the feet or hands can be helpful.

Root Chakra Meditation Techniques

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Root chakra meditation techniques also involve keeping pranic healing nearby. Prana, or life force energy, flows through many parts of the human body. It is believed that chakra blockages result from blockages in the print path. In the “Law of Attraction” popularized by Andy Lewis, he explains how the Law of Attraction can help to bring more positive energy into your life if you are open to the good things it will bring. By keeping pranic energy near the heart chakra, it can help.

Murals And Color Therapy

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Another chakra meditation technique involves murals and color therapy. One type of media is called the candlestick meditation. In this technique, participants color candles from the head to the toes. They then allow the candles to cool down and burn for a while. This cleansing, visualizing, and color therapy technique is believed to be able to balance and cleanse the chakras on the person’s body.

Color therapy kundalini exercises are another of the chakra meditation techniques used. Color therapy usually involves painting colors on the skin. These colors are thought to draw in more prana, or life force energy. These techniques are also called the tantric massage, or sun-bath, techniques. The most commonly used colors are violet, red, orange, and green.

Healing Bodies

It is believed that our chakra system is like an energetic bridge. Through chakra meditation, energy can bridge the chakras and help heal our bodies. One chakra technique known as yoga mudra, or chair meditation, is to place one’s right knee on the left knee of the same leg at the right angle. This makes the left knee slightly higher than the right, allowing the energy to bridge and flow through the chakra system.

A very popular chakra therapy technique involves clearing or blocking the emotional root. The emotional root or emotional mass is called the black matrix, or asthma root. It is also called the emotional mass because it can be very painful to clear or block the emotional root chakra, and this is why it is a technique that is mainly used in healing sessions to clear blocked energy pathways.

Final Verdict

After the chakra has been cleared or blocked, the practitioner must then align the spine and the spinal cord using various poses and postures. Chakra meditation techniques are usually done in class settings with other students, but there are books available that can help with this alignment on your own. This is a great way to balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves, which can ultimately lead to a more harmonious life in general.

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