Chakra Meditation Guide – How To Experience Power Through The 7 Chakras

chakra meditation guide

Many people who have problems with their emotions tend to neglect their physical health, but doing this can actually make those problems worse. By learning to balance your chakra system, you will be able to better treat yourself on an emotional and mental level. However, before you start your own chakra meditation guide, it’s important to first understand just how chakra systems work. Basically, think of chakras like the energetic body of your mind.

Understand The Practice Of Chakra Meditation

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By harmonizing your chakra centers with chakra meditation, you can start internal spiritual healing by unblocking energy pathways. That’s why many people who use chakra meditation as a way to achieve spiritual wholeness find that they experience a deep sense of relief after doing so. And, in addition to helping you achieve a healthier outlook on life, chakra meditation also helps improve your physical health and well-being.

Functioning Of Chakra System

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Before we move on to the chakra meditation guide, let’s take a look at how chakra systems form and function. Basically, when you go about your day, you breathe in a total of seven different types of air. Your left hand breaths through the right nostril, your right breath comes out of your mouth on the left and your heart beat through your chest on the right. All of these air moves through your center or root chakra, where it interacts with the energy systems all around you.

From this brief description of how chakra systems work, it’s easy to see how the practice of chakra meditation guides can help to balance your chakra system. One such good practice is called Pranayama, which is the practice of breathing in and out slowly in order to activate and balance your center or root chakra. Another great practice that can be done is mudra, which involves placing your palms in the sun or water (your choice) and allowing the sun or water to move up or down in your hands. Both chakra meditation guide books and DVD programs can show you the correct way to perform these two practices, and there are many other ways you can explore to enhance your chakra flow.

Clearing Blocked Chakras

Now that you have a basic understanding of how chakra meditation works, let’s move on to the chakra meditation guide for clearing blocked chakras. If you have several areas in your body that are weak, one or more of those blocked areas could be emitting strong negative energy. This energy can be drawn and transferred from one area to another, but it can be difficult to get rid of blocked energy from deep within your core. This is where a chakra meditation guide comes into play.

Summing Up

As your chakra meditation efforts proceed, your solar plexus will slowly open and the seven chakras will become increasingly visible. In fact, after just one session, you should be able to see the lighted inner circles (phosphorescent rays) moving through the chakras, connecting with the energy centers located throughout your body. If you haven’t experienced this remarkable feeling of connection with your body, you are likely to keep searching for a guide to help you reach that point. It is possible to learn to meditate for these energy centers by yourself, but you will quickly discover that it takes years of practice. The Chakra meditation guide that you choose can help you shorten the learning curve and shorten your meditations, allowing you to achieve the amazing sense of freedom and calm that results from being able to release the seven chakras and their associated energy centers.

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