Chakra Meditation Benefits Through A Basic Understanding Of Chakra Basics

chakra meditation benefits

Root chakra meditation benefits, methods, techniques, and guidance are all important factors. In a traditional root chakra meditation experience, practitioners work on eliminating irritating emotional thoughts from the mind through the act of focusing on them. The act of focusing on the chakras can also increase internal energy level, open up many channels of energy, and improve the overall experience. Many people who have taken a traditional route to chakra meditation find that they do feel more energized and cleansed.

Act Of Chakra

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Stress and other ailments can be the result of an unbalanced chakras system. Through the act of focusing on the chakras, practitioners show the energy structure of their bodies to bring balance back to the system. The process of cleansing, balancing, and restoring energies can relieve emotional and physical stresses while helping to prevent serious illness from reoccurring. Root chakra meditation benefits also include improved digestion and increased feeling of well-being.

The process of clearing energies through chakra practices is often referred to as “sitting with the chakra points”. There are different ways to use this sitting method, which may vary between practitioners but all begin with a simple goal: clearing energies from the body. First, an atmosphere of serenity is needed. The individual must allow themselves to become relaxed and to take it easy.

Learning Tips

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Practitioners need to learn to calm their breathing in order to calm the chakra meridian, or energy pathway. A number of herbs are often used to achieve this goal, including basil, parsley, coriander, cilantro, mint, and anise. Another important technique is to inhale slowly and deeply at first, focusing only on the breath as you relax. This should be done several times, until the chakra meridian begins to open.

Next, practitioners focus on focusing the mind so that they are in total peace and harmony with the universe. Some prefer to visualize a peaceful place while others meditate near a sound source such as a tuning fork or fan. One can use visualization CDs, or simply clear your mind of every thought. When the energy flow becomes smooth again, complete peace comes into being. This allows the practitioner to finally relax and to release the stresses of the day.

Release Emotions

Finally, when chakra meditation practices are complete, practitioners must learn how to slowly release emotions that have been built up over the day. These emotions create stress on the chakras, slowing down the energy flow and causing feelings of anxiety and frustration in the end. Removing these from the equation allows practitioners to enter into a state of relative peace. This allows the person to start experiencing the many health benefits associated with this type of practice.

There are many different meditation techniques to achieve chakra meditation benefits. However, each technique brings about the same result. This is the ability to open the heart chakra, allowing the practitioner to experience true clarity of thought and emotions. It is important that the heart chakra is opened before other chakras can be opened as well. The heart chakra influences every aspect of our health; therefore, it is crucial to find a method that allows the heart chakra to open fully.


For those who suffer from an overactive digestive system, this type of mediation benefits may be found within Yoga classes. Maintaining the proper diet is key to keeping the solar Plexus functioning properly. Some of the foods that improve digestion include dairy products, green vegetables, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Cleansing the system also includes drinking plenty of water, as well as adding a few herbal teas to the diet. The combination of these natural agents allows organs to work at their optimal levels, resulting in optimal chakra levels for the entire body.

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