Best Reasons To Learn Martial Arts Kicks

martial arts kicks

Although it might be difficult to trace the origins of martial arts, they surely have roots in the most ancient periods of human history. From the origins humans have been fighters. The physical fight has served mankind as a survival tool against the most drastic forms of nature. This has ensured the continuance of humans through millennia and it would not be wrong to say that it still serves as an important skill for many.

What Is Martial Arts?

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In definition, they are codified systems and traditions of Combat. Throughout ancient and even medieval history hand to hand encounters were more common than the methods of warfare we see today. Thus martial arts were chiefly used for combat, entertainment, competition, self-defence, physical and spiritual development.

There are many forms of martial arts such as karate, kung fu, kickboxing, taekwondo, mixed martial arts, jiu-jitsu, judo, etc to name a few. In today’s world, the most common notion associated with the education and teaching of martial arts has been of self-defence and self-development. Today martial arts have also evolved as a professional sport.

Martial Arts Kicks

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One significant aspect of all martial arts is their kicks i.e. physical strikes using leg(s). Kicks play an important role in martial arts and are significant to distinguish one form or martial art from the other. Though there exist many varied forms of kicks across the martial arts system, here we take a look at a few of them starting off from Karate. These include front kick, side kick, crescent kick, reverse-crescent kick among others. A prime target for crescent kicks is the opponent’s head and this kick is used in both offensive and defensive ways.

Martial Arts Kicks: Types

Reverse-crescent kick is the opposite of crescent kick. When we look at Taekwondo, kicks are the most important feature of this martial art. Some of the kicks are miro chagi, ap chagi, dollyo chagi, bandal chagi,naeryo chagi, etc. Chagi refers to a kick. These kicks aim at different parts of the body for eg., some aim at head while some aim at jaw while others aim at solar plexus. Some are offensive while some are to obstruct one’s opponent’s move and so on. Unlike taekwondo not every system relies heavily on kicks. The kicks may also vary in terms of high or low they strike against the opponent’s body or whether they are used as an offensive measure or a defensive measure or perhaps to only disturb the opponent’s move.

Conclusion: Martial Arts Kicks

Thus every system of martial arts brings with itself an independent and sometimes similar set of kicks which may serve different purposes depending on which system of the martial arts we are considering. Some kicks are simple whereas others are complex which require strict training. Therefore it is important to take such endeavours cautiously with care and utter focus.

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