Best Martial Arts Dojo In The Metro Atlantic Area

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Are you looking for a martial art near me in class, but have never found a good class for you? Maybe you’re looking for a gym that provides classes for the whole family to enjoy. Tiger-Mex Martial Arts of Westbank Martial Arts is a great dojo that you can depend on to help you grow both your body and mind. If you live in the Orange County, California area, you’ll want to check out this excellent gym. If you live outside of Orange County and want to continue your education, this class may still be a good fit for you!

This is an all male Karate studio. Most of their instructors have at least some martial arts experience. It is strongly suggested that you speak with other female martial arts students before enrolling. Because women typically have different goals and concerns than men, this type of dog may not be the best fit for you. Other female instructors are available at this dojo.

An Overview

The staff at this martial arts studio are extremely helpful and friendly. When I first came in, there were no female instructors and the instructor’s demeanor was completely different from the way he was when I left. I ended up having a much more enjoyable stay at the dojo because the instructors knew my needs and gave me the attention I deserved. I was treated courteously and professionally throughout the entire course of my training. I also had the option to go to class whenever I felt like it, which is nice when you’re already running a household.

I’m in my mid-thirties, so I should be able to get along with the other trainees a bit better than I did when I was younger. But it isn’t exactly ideal. The weather is a bit unpredictable in NJ, so it can be pretty cold at times. There is also a lot of noise coming from the neighboring neighborhood over at my position. But overall, I feel much more secure in my training at 77459 than I do in a high-rise New York City apartment!

Best Martial Arts Dojo

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Perhaps my favorite part of the facility is the instructors. There are a ton of really good, experienced martial arts experts who are just great people to have as trainers. My favorite instructor is the founder, Kimura, who is in charge of instructing all of the classes at the dojo. He’s a really neat guy with a laid-back persona and is also very knowledgeable and passionate about martial arts.

I would definitely recommend a serious student of martial arts near me. I’ve personally managed to combine my karate and martial arts studies into my own life, and am working toward becoming a certified black belt. It has been a real adventure so far, and I look forward to sharing it with anyone else who want to take a chance and has an interest in the arts. If you live in or near New Jersey, I highly recommend a class or two of Karate or other martial arts there! Not only will you feel a great deal of physical fitness, but the quality of your class will improve immensely!

New Jersey is also home to several martial arts training available in the form of gyms and classes. There are several in my area at different locations. There is a gym down the street from me in West Orange Line, which is my personal favorite. At the gym, I train regularly in many different forms of martial arts, tae kwon do, Chinese boxing, kung fu, makiwara, jujitsu, wushu, and others. All of these physical fitness activities have been very helpful in keeping my health and self-defense skills sharp.

There is also another martial arts near me facility that I really enjoy. It’s a door that is located in Egg Harbor City, NJ, but is actually teaches both traditional Chinese martial arts (the most common discipline taught at the dojo) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (which are becoming very popular in the area). The instructors are all very experienced in teaching not only martial arts but also self-defense techniques as well. I truly enjoy learning from this school because of the knowledge they provide, which is valuable to me.

In The End

The main reason I continue to take classes at Tiger-Rock is because of the instructors. All the instructors at this school are exceptional, and have always been great examples of what it means to be a martial arts practitioner. Most of all, every single instructor is very encouraging and genuinely cares about their students’ goals. They always tell their students that there is no such thing as being too hard on yourself. I truly recommend this school to anyone in the NJ area who is serious about getting in shape, improving their physical fitness, and protecting themselves.

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