Benefits Of Zazen In Martial Arts

Benefits Of Zazen In Martial Arts

One popular meditation practice of the ancient Buddhist tradition is Zazen or Sitting Zen. This is famous among martial artists who use it to train their minds and bodies. Indeed, martial arts and meditation share a common methodology. While martial art is perceived as a physical exercise, meditation is a mental one. However, they both offer mental and physical benefits. In order to achieve an understanding of how physical and mental states are related, martial artists practice Zazen in their training classes.

Zazen Class: What To Expect

Maintaining a correct posture is the first important step in the practice of Sitting Zen. A Zazen instructor will ask you to sit in a cross-legged position. He will teach you different types of positions including Burmese position, Seiza, full-lotus, and so on. You will require a traditional zafu or yoga block to practice your meditation. Your trainer will next ask to you breathe and start noticing your breathing cycles. You will have to respire through your nose. A typical meditation lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Some beginners may be told to practice in shorter blocks.

Benefits Of Zazen In Martial Arts
Benefits Of Zazen In Martial Arts

What To Expect From Zazen Meditation

1. Improves Focus

In Zazen, you will be focusing minutely on your breathing cycles. This will eventually boost your ability to perform moves that require deep focus. Therefore, you should practice Zen meditation after your martial art class for improved concentration.

2. Lessens Pain

Needless to day, Zen meditation lessens sensitivity to mental or physical pain. It can teach trainees how to cope with pain in better ways. Meditating now and then can melt away muscle tension and this can result in faster healing.

3. Develops Intuition

Studies have shown that Zen meditation can extend your gut feel. This developed sixth sense can accurately guide you through your martial art journey. You will indeed gain a better sense of what will happen in your future.

Increases Peace Of Mind

Practicing Zazen clears the clutter and thoughts in the mind resulting in peace. It serves as an ideal stress buster and helps cope with fear, depression, or any other negative feeling that can prevent a trainee from giving their best shot in their fights.

5. Improves Self-Control

Zen meditation makes students become more conscious of their thoughts. This, in turn, helps them to have more control over themselves. Further, self-control is important for martial artists to fight their battles wisely without being overpowered by their emotions and desires.

Benefits Of Zazen In Martial Arts
Benefits Of Zazen In Martial Arts

6. Conquers Addiction

Zen meditation helps practitioners get rid of their addictions. According to Buddhism, addiction is a deep sense of attachment that can be related to emptiness, fear, or lack of purpose. Zazen helps martial art trainees conquer these fears and be aware of their purpose of life. The end result is an individual free of addictions.

7. Other Benefits:

  • Increased mental awareness.
  • A higher level of creativity.
  • Enhanced brainpower.
  • Practitioners feel better connections with themselves as well as others.
  • Development of correct mindsets for success in their fields.
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