Basic Meditation 101 – A beginners Guide

meditation 101 a beginner's guide

Meditation can often look difficult initially especially if you are a beginner. The main question or problem that arises is how to get the mind concentrate on the breathing patterns. Meditation experts say that it is natural for the mind to drift off and think about other things while trying to meditate. But the key to successful meditation is to keep bringing the mind back to the breathing patterns. Doing so, eventually will train your mind to concentrate easily. Here are some tips from Meditation 101 – A Beginner’s Guide.

Mantra Meditation Techniques

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You need to sit in a silent and still place to meditate successfully. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and effortlessly and silently start repeating a word inside your mind. You can even take a short phrase. This is a ‘mantra’. You need to chant this mantra repeatedly. You can select any sound, word, phrase or shlok in your native language.

Select a mantra that means or brings about inner peace, happiness, prosperity, love, calm, compassion, or happiness. You can even select a phrase said in your religion. For example, Roman Catholics can select the mantra ‘Holy Mary’ or ‘Hail Mary Full of Grace’. Similarly, Spanish people can choose ‘Ave Maria’. Jewish people can choose ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’, and so on.

After you have decided on your mantra, you need to sit comfortably in absolute peace and close your eyes. Start by relaxing your muscles and then shrugging off your shoulders and rolling your neck and head, as if to release any tense muscles. While doing so, your mind will naturally start thinking of various thoughts. Next, you must slowly start thinking of your mantra, its meaning and start chanting it loud and clear or just silently in your mind, as you wish. Your mantra should come to you in a simple and effortless manner.

Slowly, start repeating this mantra effortlessly for 15 to 30 minutes. While chanting your mantra, your mind will keep wandering away, which is quite normal. You need to keep bringing it back to meditation. Sometimes, you will find it tough to concentrate on the mantra and will just chant it without thinking about it. That is completely normal and alright.

Never try to meditate forcibly. Meditation is all about relaxing your mind and muscles and only chanting your favourite phrase. You have to only do nothing and that too, quite effortlessly. Practice this for 15 to 30 minutes every morning. It is best done before your first meal of the day. After meditating, lie down for a few minutes and if you feel sleepy, it si fine to sleep for some time.

After some time of continuous and regular meditation, you will find yourself to be calmer, happier and will be able to concentrate more. You just need to be more confident about yourself and allow any kind of thoughts that come to your mind. Eventually, you will realize that you are able to control your mind better with regular mediation.

This is one of the basic meditation techniques for beginners.

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