Advanced Meditation Techniques That Will Remove Your Boredom And Make You Stress-Free

advanced meditation techniques

It is a human tendency that if you do a particular thing continuously, you will automatically get bored of it. Same in the case of meditation; if you practice the same regular meditation exercises, you may want to change them. You may need to advance your meditation with advanced meditation techniques. The advanced meditation techniques will not only help you to get out of boredom but will also make you calmer, composed, and fresh. 

For almost thousands of years, a single thing that can give access to humans to raise their high spirits and reconnect with themselves is meditation. But, this type of practice is meditation with advanced meditation techniques and a new mindset.

Know What Do We Mean By When We Say Advanced Meditation Techniques 

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First, knowing advanced mediation techniques clearly doesn’t imply that there will be difficulty doing them. There’s no need to be extra careful, but you just need to follow the proper guidelines in order to do correct advanced meditation techniques.

Chakra Balancing Meditation Act

Chakras are basically the center of residing powers that reside in every human body. Each chakra has its own specific meaning and a specific mantra along with it that you need to chant to do deep meditation.

Tonglen / Buddhist Meditation Practice

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This is the 2nd advanced meditation technique that will help you to connect with the culture of your society more. This meditation means to give and take and spread harmony. You need to do deep breathing with visualizing your own or any other person’s suffering and making it change by projecting out love and compassion. 

Know The Microcosmic Orbit 

Thus deep and advanced meditation techniques help the subtle human body to circulate prana or energy through the whole body system. This advanced meditation technique helps in energizing organs, and this practice will surely help you capture the essence of universal principles. 

Remember The World Is In Me 

Now, here you need to convert the energy pr visualizing that I am not in the universe, but the universe is in me. This will send all the positive and affirmative signals in the universe eventually; it comes to you and fulfills all of your greatest desires. 


The universe revolves around us and waits for us to send positive vibes to it. Why? Because in return, we’ll get double, triple happiness in our life. These advanced meditation techniques are the key to make the universe come to you. You can practice them daily and when you know you are doing good, go to any kind of peaceful natural environment. 

Start practicing your advanced meditation techniques there and you will notice a sudden and great change in the universe.  

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