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Shortly after the Second World War (1945), rubber producers began to use plastic materials for various forms of spray pumps. This allowed for the cheap use of various commercial and domestic fluids. Also developed from plastics, the powerful trigger spray pump is available in a number of beautiful designs, sizes, colours and safety characteristics.

Vintage Inspired Refillable Bottle Water Spray For Salon

If your journey ends here, if you are searching for a well-done spray bottle, delivers excellent fine nebulation, and above all affordable! Our PET-free container and its dust were produced by a leading supplier specialising in the making of fine dung spray dust. Keep it in your hand and the texture and particular ergonomic design delight you, but you can enjoy what it feels like in your hand. It is a practical, trendy water sprayer. Will go well with various types of home decoration. Don’t think about excess weathering, this bottle of water spray is 0,3mm in diameter and has a 0.3mm spray nozzle.

It has a specific spring implementation. If you click, it will emit a stream of the continuous nebula that lasts a few seconds, which allows for fast and easy coverage of wide areas. No need to pump, just click and get a beautiful, steady stream shower. It can be used for hairstyles, hair cuts, make-up, skincare, lingerie, and plant spraying thanks to its superb results.

These bottles are very inexpensive and when the plastic section on top of a bottle was opened I didn’t get the best feeling, so I had to put it back inside. It is also necessary to note the two bottles I have already got, and I should also like to pump water a couple of times through them, as well as the bottles thoroughly before they are used (presumably a sanitiser, I’m not entirely sure).

They have a very nice streamlined look with the negatives aside, which I like very much. Concerning the spray feature, it provides a pretty long time of fine spray with a full press; to make it quicker you just need a bit of a somewhat gentle pressure (if you want more control).

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  • Brand Name-TMISHION
  • Size-300ml/500ml
  • Model Number
  • Spray Bottle
  • Item Type
  • Sprayer Empty Bottle
  • Material-PET
  • Colour-Brown
  • Capacity-300ml
  • Weight- Approx. 76g / 2.7oz
  • Feature 1- Mist Bottle Hair Tool
  • Feature 2- Refillable spray bottle
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  • Sleek design.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Fine spray.
  • A decent amount of spray with one full press.


  • Cheap feel


Trigger spray pumps have a very simple configuration and operate with several components to ensure that the pumping action is spraying liquid in the container. A pump is activated by the button, which is pulled by only a few fingers. The pump is fitted on a plastic tube from the base of the container which draws cleaning fluid from the bottom. A small opening at the spray valve is forced down this fluid by the compressor.

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