8 Must-Try Meditation Techniques For Beginners

meditation techniques for beginners

Meditation is a healthy practice for you to try and include in your daily routine. However, meditation might prove challenging for people, especially for beginners. Thankfully, this awesome article about meditation techniques for beginners will help you choose what’s best for you.

Mantra Meditations

This kind of meditation is done by repeating a word or phrase in order to gain full focus. That word or phrase is called mantra and you can use simple words like “love”, or “peace”. If you’re interested in doing this, just sit on the ground then center yourself while your mantra for at least 110 times.

Leading Meditation Techniques For Beginners: Guided Meditations

This is one of the most rewarding meditation techniques around. It involves the usage of imagery that is proven to be helpful especially for those who find other meditation techniques difficult. Additionally, guided meditations can bring you a fresh experience while doing it. Moreover, you can even use this for self-healing and personal improvement. Start by sitting on the ground then imagining yourself walking on a serene coast, or listening to an online lo-fi recording.

Focus Meditations

meditation techniques for beginners and amateurs
8 Must-Try Meditation Techniques For Beginners

This form of meditation technique means focusing on an object and taking time to examine its fullest form. Basically, it’s all about zeroing on a particular thing until you realize its most intricate details. You can start by sitting in front of an object of interest.

As you breathe in and out, notice the object’s most intricate details in its fullest. If it has something that stirs your five senses, focus on it. In general, it’s all about immersing yourself and focusing your energy into an object.

Breathing Meditations

According to scientific studies, breathing meditations make the mind sharper. It has several cognitive benefits ranging from increased focus, to improved positive emotions. You can start by first emptying your lungs. Next breathe through the nose for 4 seconds, then hold it for about 7 seconds. After that, you can gently exhale through the mouth for 8 seconds before repeating the cycle once again.

Transcendental Meditations

This kind of meditation is introduced by a spiritual guru named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is also based on the mantra meditation. This meditation involves a repetition of a specific mantra in order to produce vibrations. However, one must pay for the full course to be disclosed as the secrets are closely guarded by the masters. Lastly, its main purpose is to transcend consciousness and reach the fourth state of awareness.

Mindfulness Meditations

Being mindful means being present here and now and not getting easily distracted by outside forces. Practicing this kind of meditation involves mindful breathing, careful tuning of the body, and some guided imagery. Start by breathing deeply then scan your body from the toes, to the head up.

Progressive Relaxation Meditations

Progressive meditation is one of the classical meditations you can do right now. It involves tightening and loosening various muscle parts of your body. This kind of meditation is best done during bedtime because it can help you in your sleep. You can start by squeezing and releasing some large muscles in your body.

Mindful Walking Meditations

meditation techniques for beginners for all ages
8 Must-Try Meditation Techniques For Beginners

This meditation technique is derived from Zen Buddhism in which practitioners walk around a room while keeping their hands in “shashu” form. During this meditation, steps are taken after a full breathing. It all begins when the bell is ringed twice. This is great for people with sitting problems as this meditation technique can be effective in healing and rehabilitation.


A particular meditation technique might not effective enough for a particular type of person. Therefore, it is advised to start with the easiest first, before trying the more complicated ones.

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