7 Martial Arts Types For Your Self-Defense

martial arts types

There are many martial arts types for you to study, although it is crucial to choose a discipline that suits best before ultimately sticking until the end. Joining a martial art not only is rewarding for your overall well-being, but also gives you the ability to defend yourself. Whether you want to become a professional fighter, or just finding a great way to lose some weight, this interesting feature will help you.

Martial Arts Types Highlight: Muay Thai

Muay Thai is great for those still finding their way in the world of martial arts. The discipline is beginner friendly. Popularly known as the “Art of eight limbs”, even children as young as 5 years old practice Muay Thai already. Its main focus is on the clinch technique which involves the use of elbows, kicks, punches, and knees. This form of kickboxing can be suitable for you if you value stand up, offensive fighting.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a kind of martial art that involves various chokeholds in order to grapple and takedown someone. It’s famous for promoting that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend itself against a bigger adversary by just using leverage and proper techniques. It’s a great form of self-defense. However, it doesn’t allow strikes. If you value grappling and other ground techniques, then this is for you.

Krav Maga

martial arts types for aspiring fighters
7 Martial Arts Types For Your Self-Defense

Literally translated as “battle contact”, Krav Maga teaches you how to disarm an assailant when they’re using knives and guns. This martial art discipline primarily focuses on real-life combat scenarios. Although it’s not really for MMA competitions because most of the moves in Krav Maga might get you disqualified, it’s still a great discipline to learn.

Tae Kwon Do

Statistically speaking, this form of martial art has many followers than any other self-defense disciplines in the world. It mainly focuses on punches, basic throws, and elaborate kicks. Moreover, Tae Kwon Do is an Olympic sport. Since it mostly targets children, adults won’t benefit from it that much. So, if you’re interested to have a slice of MMA fame, you better try Muay Thai or Karate instead.


It is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. It mainly concentrates on chokes and throws. Even BJJ came from Judo. If you want to hit someone badly, then this martial art isn’t for you. Also, even though it’s one of the well-known disciplines out there, Jiu Jitsu has already surpassed Judo in popularity.


It can be surprising to see boxing included in this list. However, boxing has been around in history. In MMA, fighters learn some head movement and various footwork techniques. This martial art is something that one should at least try even for once.

Boxing is not just great as a form of workout; it can also be great for self-defense since every fistfight starts standing up. This self-defense discipline will serve as the stepping stone to become a successful MMA fighter.


martial arts types for kids and adults
7 Martial Arts Types For Your Self-Defense

Karate (karatedo), is one of the most popular and well-liked martial arts around the world. Even some action movies feature karate fighting styles. Due to its popularity, it will be seen at the 2021 summer Olympics to be held in Japan.  Whether you’re an aspiring MMA fighter, or just prefer something traditional, then this is for you.


It is important to know what type of self-defense is suitable for you to learn. Consequently, it might just come in handy, especially during life and death situations. Choose the right one that fits your personality and fighting style.

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