5 Brilliant Zen Meditation Benefits And Techniques To Follow

zen meditation benefits

An ancient Buddhist tradition of the Tang dynasty back in 7th Century China was Zen meditation. Originated from China, it spreads to Japan, Korea, and other different Asian lands. The Japanese word ‘Zen’ means meditation or concentration. Zen meditation is a Buddhist discipline that seasoned and new mediators practice. There are many amazing zen meditation benefits, and it can provide you knowledge about the working of our mind. Zen meditation’s main purpose is spiritual, and you will experience the original nature of the mind or awakening of the mind.

All Zen schools practice sitting meditation, which is known as Zazen, in which you have to sit upright and follow the movement of your breath within the belly. Observing the breath is extremely necessary while doing Zen meditation. There are three techniques to follow while doing Zen meditation –

It would help if you observed your breath. While meditating, assume a very comfortable posture like half-lotus, Seiza, or Burmese during Zazen. It would be best if you are sitting on a padded cushion or mat. You can also sit on a chair. Then observe your breath, how it moves out and in from your belly area. This method will foster a sense of alertness and presence.

Allow all your thoughts to flow through your mind without rejection, judgment, or grasping. You do not require any object of meditation, contents, or anchor. Just sit and allow your mind to be. There is no goal involved in it.

It would help if you did intensive group meditation. You can practice group meditation in meditation temples or centers. While doing intensive meditation, you should devote your time to sitting meditation. Each meditation session will last between 30 and 50 minutes.

Amazing Zen Meditation Benefits You Should Know About

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Zen meditation includes observing and letting go of all the feelings and thoughts which arise in the mindstream. It is unlike other types of meditation as it mainly focuses on stress relief and relaxation. It is a deeper form of meditation and helps in tackling deep-rooted issues going on in your life.

It will help you improve focus and attention, and Zen meditation will train your brain to be present and mindful. You will learn how to ignore distractions.

You will get access to your subconscious mind, which is super powerful. Also, it will provide you incredible physical, emotional, and mental healing.

It will enhance the power of your brain, cognitive recall, and memory. Your creativity level will increase, and you will get lucid, clear thoughts.

After practicing Zen meditation regularly, you will observe that your health is improving. It will remove all the depression, stress, and anxiety in your life.


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you may learn about numerous zen meditation benefits. You know how you can practice Zen meditation, make a healthy routine and practice it daily to experience all the amazing benefits. All the zen meditation benefits will indeed help you a lot in achieving your goal.

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