4 Easy-To-Learn Meditation Techniques

different meditation techniques

We all want to escape the bustle of our life and glide into the peaceful world of meditation. How do you plan on doing that? Well, different meditation techniques can take you to paradise right from where you are sitting. To know more about them, hang on.

First, let us understand why meditation is the key ingredient to a peaceful life?

Lowered blood pressure levels

Slower respiratory rate

Lowered anxiety levels

Lowered stress levels

Deeper feelings of relaxation

Lowered heart rate levels

Improvised blood circulatory system

Less to negligible perspiration

Lowered blood cortisol levels

Increased feelings of well-being

Now, let us look at the different meditation techniques that can make your stressful life take a 360* turn toward a far more peaceful life:

Meditation techniques like mantra chanting

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Chanting of any kind can keep your mind focused and give you enough clarity about your life. You can chant the mantra aloud or in silence. The whole point of it is to relax your mind through meditation. In some cultures, people believe you connect to a spiritual force if you chant. A few common mantras include Ohm and Aham Prema. If these words sound different to you, then you can chant words like peace or love for a cycle of 40 days or so.

Body Scan is one of the different meditation techniques to inculcate in your life.

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In this technique, you lie down with your eyes closed. Then, scan your whole body and look for trigger points. Trigger points as in a body part of yours that is aching, hurting, and feeling an atrocious amount of pain. You then have to breathe in and breathe out and send the breath to that trigger point. You will notice the pain fading away.

Loving-kindness is one of the different meditation techniques easy to learn but hard to implement.

Buddhism revolves around the idea, love them all and treat them all as you would treat yourself. So, in this loving-kindness meditation technique, you need to wish well for others by chanting simple phrases. You can imagine a beautiful scenario and picture your loved one, and send feelings of love to them.

Here are two ways of practicing meditation techniques:

Find a comfortable place to sit

In your house, if there is chaos, then you would not be able to meditate in peace. Find a spot where you can meditate in peace. You could sit on a chair or sofa. Support yourself with cushions. Lying down will make you fall asleep, so that’s a position you need to avoid. Meditation is so relaxing that it can make you fall asleep instantly.

Concentrate on a meditation technique

They say you get 60,000 thoughts per day. It can get hard to meditate if you are having thoughts. So, if you can engage yourself in different meditation techniques, then you will not have to stop your thoughts or empty your mind. Chanting a mantra will keep you focused and not let you drift away.

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