3 Common Sufi Meditation Techniques

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Sufi practices are prominent elements in Islamic spirituality. Sufi seeks to bring balance in a person’s life. It also heals and guides its believers. Zikr also referred to as chanting mantra and Murqba is commonly known as meditation are two major parts of Sufi. These two help people in cleaning their mind as well as heart. It is believed that spirituality cannot be achieved without cleaning the pollutants. The Sufi practices are mostly influenced by Yoga and this practice has different types of meditation techniques. Among these techniques, there are few commonly done practices which are described below. 

1.Sufi Mantra Meditation

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This technique believes in cleaning thoughts through powerful words. Constantly reminding those words brings peace and clarity to oneself. So, Sufi has its mantras. Mantras are words that are repeated often. Sufi has a mantra called Zikr also known as Dhikr. It simply means remembrance or recollection. This practice emphasizes the internal connection with the divine entity. So, his name is repeated while sitting in a quiet position. Each word is said in sync with the breath. Although there is no particular posture for mantra meditation. It is believed that chanting the mantra will calm the mind as well as the heart and purify both from the impurities of the world. 

2.Heart Meditation For Virtue 

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The heart is an important component for a living being and that’s why heat should get attention too. Sufism interprets the spiritual heart as similar to the physical heart so most of the focus is upon the left side or actual heart of the person. In this practice, a person forgets himself by concentrating on just the heart. When everything gets cleared it is speculated as to the path to infinite virtue. Heart meditation has three variations of itself too. This meditation technique is done mainly while lying down on the floor. It should be practiced for at least half an hour to achieve a balanced life. 

3.Sufi Walking Meditation

It is believed that God is present in the heart and he watches everyone from there. In this technique, practitioners have to avoid looking around themselves because surroundings can distract anyone. Instead of surroundings, one can look at their feet and walk consciously. It signifies introspecting oneself to attain spiritual closeness with God or Allah too.


Sufism believes in reunion with God with the help of purity of mind as well as heart. Sufi practices strive to bring balance to the lives of followers through different meditation practices and here are the 3 most common Sufi meditation techniques. The first practice is Sufi mantra meditation where the mantra is repeated while sitting silently. The second one is heart meditation that focuses on the physical heart of the person. Lastly, Sufi walking meditation sees God as the watcher of everything.

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