15 Minutes Of Self Meditation- A Day With A Fresh Start

Self Meditation Guide

Today, we all are fighting with our cognitive state of mind in this hectic life with the pandemic crisis COVID-19. In such a nuisance, our

5 Ways To Self Meditation Guide

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Practice Mindfulness

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It includes some simple breathing techniques like inhale and exhale, deeply through your nostrils while your eyes are closed. Repeat this for several minutes until you start to feel better.


In our busy lives, it’s barely possible to give yourself enough time to think about yourself. Through concentration, you will require your whole consciousness to pin towards your goals and desires. Allow yourself to chant

Physical Exercises

Practicing yoga is one of the best self-meditation exercises that one can practice in his/her daily life. Yoga allows your brain to indulge in your spiritual self. It binds your physical, emotional, and mental health as well. It’s excellent for youngsters to old age people.

Physical exercises, i.e., dancing, cycling, early morning jog, etc., also fall under self-meditation.

Connect Yourself With Nature

Our day to day life is usually spent in the din and hustle-bustle of the streets. Then, why not give yourself time? For a nice small walk and find some right place to sit and observe nature, quietly with zero thought in mind, let yourself feel every tiny movement of nature. Whether it’s a beautiful garden, beach, or mountain, you can find serenity at any place if you tend to give yourself to nature for a moment.


People are so indulged in their monotonous life that they don’t even have enough time for themselves. Eventually, we all need love. It’s not necessary to be with someone to get love. You can love yourself too. Loving yourself is the first step to trigger self-meditation.

Moreover, you can practice

Practice good self-care and protect yourself.

Accept your flaws and accept them as it is.

Forgive yourself for avoiding negativity.

Set boundaries and act on it.

Give yourself time.

For instance, pamper yourself with good music and food, books, and some good T.V series.

If you choose any of the


To conclude, the given self-meditation guide is to make your every other day a new beginning. And to begin a day with a healthy mindset. To quote,

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